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Trace De La Torre           Producer|Writer|CEO 11h
Replying to @RyanAFournier
And even with the they’re still no closer to any indictments? Abhorrent. has to go.
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Nguyen #fbpe #fbr Oct 25
Trump's chopping block: president will IMMEDIATELY fire "FBI director , CIA director , Defense Secretary and a long line of senior officials" if he wins reelection
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Please tell me why that you did NOT do anything? A minor is involved in sexual abuse.
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Kermit  In  Progress  💎 Oct 26
This Is Your Director , America !!! A 14 Year Old CHILD In The Family Was Being SEXUALLY ABUSED And There Is PROOF In PHOTOS And TEXT On 's Laptop That The Had Since December Of 2019 And They Did NOTHING To Protect Her DISGUSTING
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Bryon Franzen Oct 21
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John Basham 🇺🇲 Oct 22
BREAKING: A Senior Administration Official Says Director Will Likely Exit Immediately After The November 3rd Election! No Official Word From or .
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Donna Smith McG 🦋❄️👩‍🎨 Oct 22
Excellent! 👊 Hey ‘TRUMPY HOGAN’ answer the FU*KIN QUESTION As Director has said 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯times: “There is NO EVIDENCE of any wide spread voter fraud” 🛑 listen & Trump Campaign Idiots—ANSWER the questions asked!! 👇👇
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Rick Eisenhuth Oct 27
Replying to @SebGorka
Not for much longer...
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AGirlHasNoPresident Oct 21
This is what terrified for your future looks like
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Trudy Rubin Oct 21
Here's why wants to fire Atty. Gen. and FBI Director .
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AnonymousBC🍀 Oct 25
: FBI Director , CIA Director , Defense Secretary Top 's Hit List Of People To Fire If Re-Elected:: Wray For Not Launching An Investigation Into Political Rivals The Bidens↷ /
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DaneDame Oct 26
Explain yourself, & . The FBI has failed to produce a legally required report detailing the scope of white supremacist and other domestic terrorism, despite mounting concerns that the upcoming election could spark far-right violence.
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Teresa Donoghue Oct 22
tell what you know. Don’t be manipulated by and
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Geronimo Aybar Oct 23
We, the people, demand from the and Director , an immediate response about the Biden's scandal. Retweet.
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Ingrid E Baptista 🇺🇸🇻🇪 Oct 27
OMG rogue Republicans going after at the who was appointed by President. Go figure!
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MsCraigKLowell Oct 27
are you watching ? You AND obama can find out together , on the news.
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Mark Carpenter Oct 28
Replying to @SaraCarterDC
I think you could go grab anyone on the street in DC, a cab driver or a window washer and they would do a better job than .
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Anna Oct 21
Replying to @finamfr
‘sbehavior may suggest something even more nefarious is afoot. What if our own intelligence agencies want to sit on this laptop so as to compromise & control Joe Biden for their own purposes, just as Chinese or Russian intelligence might be seeking to do?
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RRhae🇺🇸 Oct 21
Replying to @mmpadellan
FBI Director is straight up. (Trump wants him fired.) is just a Trump appointed, unqualified hack. These men were not saying the same thing.
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ignored the biggest national compromise in history!
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