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Sahara Apr 23
Retaliation? On innocent Christians / citizens of Sri Lanka who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attack? How is it even retaliation? That seems like a cock & bull story trying to reason a psycho group's agenda to just blow people up. Fucking brainless mongrels.
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Chowkidar Kapil Mishra Apr 24
Completely different Global reactions from leaders, media, left liberals, pseudoseculars on & The level of urgency and the shock and global candle light vigils everything totally missing for Why???
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Chris Ship 4h
This is Alen Alsati. She woke from a coma this week after being hurt in the shootings which killed 50 men, women & children. She got a visit from Prince William in Auckland today & they chatted about Princess Charlotte... 🎥
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Sawsan Chebli Apr 21
Because I was so touched by the compassion and human kindness Muslims witnessed after the terror attack in , I would really love to see Christians in receive the same attention and compassion from the Islamic world.
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AFP news agency Apr 23
Replying to @AFP
Islamist suicide bombings that killed more than 300 people in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday were carried out in revenge for last month's attacks on two mosques in , New Zealand, the government says, citing an initial police probe
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Qanta Ahmed Apr 24
AHMED on . The attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka are now SEVEN FOLD GREATER than yet the magnitude of the attacks was not reflected in global media treatment. There is an unwillingness to acknowledge persecution
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Eric Swalwell Apr 12
New Zealand Prime Minster, , was able to ban assault weapons 26 days after the shooting. THIS is what it's like to be a lawmaker trying to ban assault weapons in America...
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Chowkidar रूप दरक 13h
Srilanka : Muslims running away from a town where one of the church was attacked by Terrorists and ISIS thinks they have avenged the killings of attack ?
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Boutaïna Azzabi Ezzaouia Apr 14
This is so beautiful & pretty impressive. Thousands of Pakistani men stand in formation to form a human-mosque to express solidarity with those who lost their lives in mosque shootings last month -
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Ruptly Apr 23
Replying to @Ruptly
Easter bombings were 'response to attack' - Def Min
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Ismail Royer 4h
“The pregnant wife of a bomber detonated a suicide vest when police raided the affluent family's home...killing her own children.” Like , this is the logical end of the path of resentment & dehumanizing others, cloaked in ideology
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Park Apr 12
Look at the response of the Pakistanis after & after and please explain how this is not the most hypocrite nation to have ever existed on the surface of the Earth?
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MFATgovtNZ 🇳🇿 Apr 23
New Zealand and France announced today that they will bring together countries and tech companies in an attempt to end the use of social media to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism online.
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Charlie Winter 24h
1. Since issued its claim, there's been lots of discussion on a) whether it inspired/directed the attackers and b) whether it was in response to . These are interesting, important discussions to have, but we mustn't lose sight of the wood for the trees.
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Suniya Kiran 6h
Replying to @KensingtonRoyal
My deepest sympathies and condolences with the victims of and their families. They remained patient and bear tragedy with great courage. They remained united with all the communities of New Zealand who displayed great compassion and solidarity with Muslims.
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Riya Mukherjee 8h
Oh god, oh dear god. Somebody tell me just how does THIS avenge ? When will this utter lunacy end?
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muslim daily Apr 22
"A Catholic granny came to Al Noor Mosque today to pay her respect and learn about Islam. She was amazed when I showed her about the chapter of Mary in the Glorious Quran. She sat a corner and read the English translation delighted by what she had just discovered."
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Omar Suleiman Apr 23
Not in our name . Not in the name of the beautiful victims in . If you want to start retaliating for Mosque attacks, few have attacked more than you.
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muslim daily Apr 13
Waseem al-Sati was shot multiple times along with his little daughter who was shot 3 times in . Alhamdulillah his daughter woke up from coma recently after many surgeries but now suffers from brain damage. Keep them in your duas ❤.
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Nicolas Henin Apr 22
Hi , it was great to see you set up a special icon after the tragedy. Could we hope one to honor the 300+ victims of the bombings? 🙏
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