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Jim Krontz Nov 26
Replying to @newsmax
I've been slowly moving away from you can hear the distane in voice for the conservatives and it sickens me. After how poorly the election coverage was handled I had enough. Very happy to see some of my favorite guests on
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Michael LV Nov 20
time to retire.
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Maggie M Nov 22
EXCELLENT Power Player choices every week. THANK YOU and all supporting staff. God bless!
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Knight Foundation Nov 22
11/23, 7 p.m. ET: 's hosts convo w/ presidential debate moderators , , and ' Frank J. Fahrenkopf + . They'll discuss the debates, + more: .
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SMPA at GW Nov 23
We are Live in one hour on Facebook page! Tune in to hear , , and the co-chairs of the talk about the 2020 debates & the future of American Democracy. Moderated by this is an event you don't want to miss!
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joyb Nov 22
consistently gives less airtime to female panelists. Why, ?
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FOX 5 Atlanta Nov 21
EXCLUSIVE: TOMORROW at 9a, will speak with Dr. as cases spike across the country.
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Maryam Henson Nov 20
Join this Monday, 11/23 @ 7pm for a must-see conversation with & about the impact of the Presidential debates, the candidates, & the future of American . Watch on Facebook page
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Jennifer Nov 22
is the Nellie Oleson of
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ReenaNinan Nov 19
Mark your calendars! Hear from all 3 debate moderators , , & & from the debate commission co-chairs. Exclusively at , 11/23 at 7pm tune in to Facebook page. Watch Live
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SMPA at GW Nov 25
On Monday, hosted a behind the scenes conversation about the Presidential debates & the future of American Democracy with , , & the co-chairs of the . Missed the event? You can now watch it back on Youtube!
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kathy's own Nov 22
Fantastic conversation today with . Your responses were excellent, clear and consistent,especially whe he tried to say Dems tried to overturn last election with VALID investigations for his bad behavior! Apples to oranges!
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SteveBrant Nov 20
Replying to @jennycohn1 @maffleck1
I’ve looked at the things tweets. He doesn’t like real journalists like . Other fact-free beliefs too. His is showing. I blocked him.
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Brad Nov 19
Replying to @IngrahamAngle
Opinions change-as long as you don’t do it often and own up to it if called out.i actually liked for a short time
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Teresa ❄ Nov 19
I like . He & () are two of the very, very few real reporters that work for .
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GeneralGCuster Nov 22
.Sleepy--I think is a far better interviewer that Chuck. He never seems to ask tough questions. on . is better than Mr. Todd, too.
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❌Paul DiBartolo #AllLivesMatter Nov 21
- Your attempts to appear ad the beacon of objectivity regarding the “Biden win,” is beginning to seem like . You’d be joining the ranks of some of the best - and .
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Gary W. Moore Nov 21
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🇺🇸 Nov 22
is down playing financial support 4 by 74M American as micro ..old people. on . was praised 4 getting funds fr normal Americans, now with it is another 🎶 song. , , organizations funded ’s
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Carl Cannon Nov 21
Yes Yes Put on
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