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The Beauty of Autism Oct 11
Her response made my brain hurt as I’m trying to figure out what she’s talking about😩🤯
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Lauren Mayhew Aug 4
Tonight 🎧🎧🎧 ! Come on by! I’ll be spinning starting at 10pm! @ Chambers eat + drink
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Lesley Goldberg Jun 7
. has booked his follow-up role: He’ll next star opposite Uma Thurman in Netflix drama . Details:
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Andrew Thompson Aug 5
Its interesting how everyone “could not wait for to be ruthless” regarding the first-team & now everyone is questioning the decision to loan . Either he needs regular time because they want him back/prepared or he’s not @ the required level; simple.
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#OlitzIsLove&Magic Oct 6
Replying to @IlaDem16
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Johanna Ryan Guy 19h
we love it and we help make it grow even more every day help
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Gooner Eagle Eye Jul 3
With Chambers and Holding signing new contracts and sokratis now on board I don't see emery getting a new CB even if I hoped otherwise. I do however expect Mustafi to be sold.
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Andrew Thompson Aug 18
That pass isn't doing him any favors if we are - likely - keeping tabs on him each time he features. Just needs composure...not a poor defender, but makes the wrong choice too frequently. Hope he settles.
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David Edwards Aug 6
BREAKING: Understand that Callum is set to leave and join on a season long loan. ⚪🔴⚫
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@theSeniorClerk Jun 19
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M-TGold Oct 6
Replying to @Ana_Elle971
Me too!!!!😍Is bae directing too ?🤔😊
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Tony Goldwyn Aug 22
Replying to @u2_lisa @netflix
is going to be outstanding. I’ll fill you all in when we get closer!
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We protect your systems and put safeguard measures in place to ensure your ' security.
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Gregory W Lyons Sep 25
Why spin it one way, when you can spin it three ways, that's what i always say
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Our Private Client Services Group (named Band 1) and lawyers are recognized as the best in , for Private Wealth Law in the High Net Worth 2018 Guide by Chambers and Partners
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French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Bahrain Oct 8
2/2 During the meeting were discussed the different ways of between both in order to enhance the bilateral economic and relations between and
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Daniel Ouyang Aug 20
Sampling gases in by dynamic and static with the undergraduate helper.
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FlashBack Friday with the fashionista wearing our Blue Suede Hat. 🧢
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