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HarvardPublicHealth Feb 13
Increasing cervical cancer screening and continuing to offer HPV vaccinations are the keys to eliminating , says Harvard Chan's Jane Kim.
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Katie Haywood 2h
Just had my invite for cervical screening. Not my favourite pastime but of course I’ll do it!
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Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust 3h
➡️ treats cancer using high-energy rays that destroy the cancer cells while doing as little harm as possible to normal cells. For it can be given externally or internally (brachytherapy) 👉
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Temitope Arise, MSc. 23h
I'm just so excited and Yes! I'm famzing her 😂 I am moderating a tweetchat with Tomorrow by 7pm. It's all about especially eradicating the easily curbed Don't watch from afar. Participate!! Kindly RT ❤
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No woman should die from . Learn what can be done to prevent cervical cancer deaths. 👉 Enroll in our virtual course on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control for health providers. ✒️Enroll NOW:
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Lichen Sclerosus UK Awareness 1h
Tomorrow we start our week long week. Please help us by sharing posts and joining in.
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is curable, but you have to catch and treat it early. Find out more about it so you can stay a step ahead of it: .
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Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Feb 21
Physically and mentally, treatment can really change how sex and intimacy feels. 👉 Our volunteer Mary shares her experience, as well as communication and tips on things to try:
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Rush University System for Health Feb 17
“No woman should ever die of cervical cancer": Rush-based Equal Hope organization sets bold goal of eradicating in Chicago
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IsDB Group Feb 21
At , we believe in the power of partnerships & collaboration in order to achieve the . Today, we are hosting a meeting in Washington DC to engage key stakeholders around our partnership with aimed at helping women affected by and
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Dr Ahmed Kalebi Feb 20
Kenya Obstetrics & Gynecological Society (KOGS) Congress today in Diani where was privileged to lead the Presidential Session on Testing for Screening with Dr Christine Bergeron of Cerba Healthcare as the key-note guest speaker ... 1/3
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Cyndi Mayer 48m
Health Conditions Black Women Need to Be Especially Aware Of
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Dr Nono Simelela 6h
Very exciting to see highlighting the potential for innovation in prevention & control among several finalists.
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coastalhealth91 Feb 22
Fighting starts with HPV vaccination. Help by making sure every child receives the HPV vaccine at age 11 or 12.
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Immune checkpoint blockade with ipilimumab, combined with radiation therapy, is tolerable and effective in patients with node-positive, stage Ib2 to IVA
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Danielle Feb 20
Replying to @DanielleYorks
4. Put your hands under your bum. It tilts your cervix and makes it easier to get a sample. It also makes it less painful. 5. Just think. It's once every 5 years and it could save your life.
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Everything Human Rights Community Group 22h
Being able to talk about cancer shouldn't be TABOO. Let's get the conversations started. Using a photo frame has been the perfect ice-breaker. Use any means at your disposal to get talking about cancer screening.
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Edu Mu 1h
robbed Frances Simmons of the chance of having a child but she found a through Facebook and is raising her 'little miracles'
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Nicole Feb 20
Flashback to a year ago. First chemoradiotherapy day. Wow. Lot of water under the bridge since then. survivor
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IFPMA Feb 22
The biopharmaceutical industry is a key partner in scaling innovations to eliminate . Our members have partnerships across sectors to strengthen HPV-related science & programs:
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