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Chad Gesser 18 Mar 10
Intro student today said she was giddy with her aunt about completing and mailing Census...I was all giddy hearing that story
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white lady standing on the street just sobbing 26 Jul 10
I'm getting the ASC in a few days, woooohooo!
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Michael Duffy 17 Dec 10
Replying to @anachr0nism @Kitkaze
50% of the incentive? But seriously it'd be kinda cool to put a number to the transgender community.
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Rebecca Hyde 15 Mar 10
Replying to @bmljenny
ahem. Actually u CAN be Hispanic & white since white is considered race & Hispanic ethnicity.
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⚫️ Sarah Gee 12 Dec 12
Replying to @parboo
Yep, down from 330k 10 years back
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JodieB 21 Jun 12
Replying to @bennbanasik
I'll have done that in 4wks!
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Anna Carvalho 2 May 16
I'll admit eagerly loading the page 3 times before I realized the site was crashing. I am a
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Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan Jan 14
I was excited to be down in Rochester this weekend at the Minnesota Census Pledge Wall. We want to make sure EVERY SINGLE Minnesotan is seen, heard, and valued — and that starts with being counted.
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CCS Research Team 2 Jun 15
This came in the mail for CCS' Emily Campbell who will be part of the 2015 Census ACS sample!
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Ali 5 Aug 11
Replying to @D_O_M_7_2
@sephen72 worry not they have until 7 aug to deliver. I know I rang them
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Francis Markham 3 May 13
Replying to @mumbletwits
Sounds like you need to discover the joys of custom geography in TableBuilder Pro.
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Elizabeth Keay 2 May 16
Ooohhhh I lucked out and got the LONG form census!
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Lisa Turner 9 May 16
Replying to @MacleansMag
Woot! Scored the long form!
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Rita McCracken, MD, PhD (she/her) 3 Dec 17
Confessions of a I LOVE THE CENSUS. Seriously, all that stuff counted up for observations and associations, so... exciting :) ... who is with me? ? ?
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Lars Leafblad Aug 27
The shades aren't fooling anyone .....
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Mandy Wood 6 May 16
I was disappointed when we received the short form for census. I really wanted the long form
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Diana Elliott 13 Feb 19
Anyone else enjoying reading the 2020 Census Operational Plan as much as I am? Just me? Cool.
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Dr. Chris Mackie 3 May 16
More accurate: Canada has a significantly statistical enthusiasm.Statistical significance not yet clear.
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Michael Quadrozzi 22 May 15
My 2 fave cities: Boston strong at #24 (656K), #46 Minneapolis (407K) closing on Oakland. Welcome back to Top 50, New Orleans!
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Bunny Butt 9 Aug 11
My Dad is submitting our eCensus form :D
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