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Young Conservatives 16m
So being a part of a disgusting institution with a that covers up child & protects guilty priests that molest little boys & girls - not as big of a deal as tweeting , ok then .
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Linda Connolly 6m
Churches want MORE public funding at the same time as they refuse to expedite compensation for their assault and rape victims? REALLY showing where their concern lies ($$$) and at Christmas too.
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The Catholic Partisan 8h
Of course the church has always embedded itself into host governments as means of power & survival. Maybe someday it can return to the salvation of souls. Welfare Homosexuality Corruption
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Lynne Murphy 11h
Replying to @BellaFlokarti
Pennsylvania grand jury emphasised: “There have been other reports about child sexual abuse within the … For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else, someplace away. Now we know the truth: it happened everywhere.”
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William Yanes Dec 8
Omelettes today have to much cheese.
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Your Highness Dec 7
Being a saint is no good because it means a life of misery and horrible death. I want to be the pope. Then I can know all the secrets ⛪️
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Susan Fox Dec 8
As they Come to Know God, They Will Cease2Kill--BishopBlanchet RT
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AWHawkins Dec 4
Replying to @CMNEndtheDP
Some of the worst of the worst are child molesters... y’all protect them and cop killers. Good job
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OTFS Dec 8
The Condones The Rape Of that credible enough for you? and the mafia that supports, protects and makes excuses for them. is complicit
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DACarlson 1h
“In our societies it even seems that homosexuality is fashionable...” - Pope Francis The fosters a culture of sexual abuse. And then needs to scapegoat. I have students who don’t “choose” to be gay. And they wonder why people leave.
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#YellowVest ⭐⭐⭐ Dec 7
Replying to @Church_Militant
And people wonder why I finally left the
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Sean Patrick Ray Dec 5
. took questions from both the audience and reporter in a discussion on the sexual abuse scandal held at .
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Cherno Jobatey Dec 5
Meeting Cardinal Reinhard Marx is so inspiring, debating about religion and belief. Cardinal Marx is one of the more modern members of the and very determined in his ambition to share a new view on religion and the way it treats human beings.
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SkepticAfro 9h
Replying to @TomNdahiro @ygwet and 3 others
The // is silent about 's even when churches are defiled & priests/seminarians killed. The community's('s diplomacy)boss helped spread 's in Italy(see photo on right)
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CatholicClarity 15h
Good morning! Here at Clarity we're thoroughly refreshed after a wonderful EF Mass, and we're ready to start announcing our upcoming publications. Announcement at 7pm GMT
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wxboss67 Dec 7
Came into the on 4/3/10. Experienced my 1st on 12/2/18. Before I entered the Church, I thought all Masses were celebrated in the TLM tradition. Imagine my dismay when I discovered it wasn't so. I'm thankful to now be at a parish that keeps this tradition!
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SilentROAR 22h
DEAR Bishop Ruperto Santos & , The lost MORAL AUTHORITY for it's SUCK, RAPE & KILL MINDSET. SEXUAL ABUSE CASES: ABUSES & CRIMES: Kindly READ Mat 23:27
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Graham Robert Jones Dec 6
I agree there is anti-christian bias, but all bias against the is COMPLETELY justified. let me know when you want to debate.
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Siem Kew Dec 6
Replying to @MarkStephenMur2
May as well put a sign up on the Catholic school gates: Rapists welcome, all legal fees paid
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TattooedJuggalo 5h
I’m sure approved, the is all about themselves and stealing from their parishioners for their own need. Greedy MoFo’s.
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