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Lucy Alexander 12h
Replying to @GabyRoslin @BBCOne
I feel so left out of Life as didn’t watch it?!!! 💕
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BRAD 10h
So there are still 11M people watching live TV 😳. I will watch the finale tonight 😎👊
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Spectrum Sep 21
on the latest season of right now on your Spectrum TV App! 😁
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Spectrum Sep 18
Can't wait for the premiere of ? on past seasons with your Spectrum TV App!
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Follow this easy peasy module to create an API and mock test the same before publishing to the consumers!
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Adrienne 2h
Kate and Randall. ❤❤❤
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Prynce Banks Sep 21
Replying to @JustCallMeAnn_
I know what it’s like I have a X
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Ashton 4h
I feel like I’ve done so much today and my list is still so long!
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Mouss®️☠️🏴 Sep 18
Replying to @mathieu_keviin
Daaaamn 😂 thanks bro 😊 yo link me tonight
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Katy Stanton 4h
Over the past two days I've binged watched all of 's season 3. Best season yet, was completely hooked!!
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☀️ ⛅ Joanna ⛅☀️ 7h
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KUNIVA of D12 Sep 23
One of my fav joints off my last album A History Of Violence 2! Don’t Let Me Fall 🔥🔥
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DStv 15h
How well do you know your heritage? Let's hear what these comedians have to say on So, Where Do We Come From? You can watch it on .
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Mr_WMS Sep 22
This New Special On is hilarious
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💰HΛ💎OW Sep 18
Replying to @YouSleepOnTray
you sleep fam. i was JUST that nigga. you reminding me of me rn. thats howni know you got something great in you.
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Sunshineshowers87 7h
Amber was way too good for kem, she's a complete sweetheart and he's more interested in dusting other girls in the other villa than her!! 💕
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Stuart Drysdale Sep 22
Replying to @mgtruth @Charlottemorg
On holiday in Greece so will have to watch on when we get back ...
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Verity Sangan Sep 14
Slightly late to the party, but this isn’t half good stuff!
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Ben Weeks 3h
Replying to @MrNishKumar
Bugger it! Meant to record it! Loved the first season! To the function👆!
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Dal Cecil Runo Sep 14
Replying to @DalCecilRuno
it is important, but this is science fiction. Romance is there kinda, but it's minor. Straight couples, lesbian & bi couple, ace & questioning couple (main couple), there's a transgender MTF two-spirit minor character... There will be a Pride in book 3.
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