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Gavin Simpson 2h
Got my students to design new pound notes for homework - inspired by a Guardian article and by . The results were interesting.
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Yazidovich Apr 23
Replying to @MeowPhone
The second part must include
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Vinit Apr 23
My video: More startups have shut down simply because they ran out of cash than for any other reason Always keep looking at the cash position or Fundraise runway, whichever is more relevant to your specific business.
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Keith Proudfoot Apr 24
Replying to @SuperNetworkNE
To entrepreneurs: this is a well trodden path well worth taking either for the first time or for a refresh. ensure your business is robustly funded.
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St Andrews Men's Shed Apr 20
Good to see local MSP Willie Rennie, MSP for North East Fife trying out our hand crafted up-cycled chairs yesterday at the Friends of Craigtoun Park Easter Fayre. What did you buy Willie?
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ATM Machines Apr 23
| Check out this GEM we found from ATMDepot's Youtube! This is a GREAT video filled with many Tips like ... ➡ Cash Management Tips ➡ Reject Bin Tips ➡ & More 📝 Full Video on Youtube Here: 👑
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PKF Rutherfords Ltd Apr 23
Do you understand the difference between profit and cash? Are you improving your profits but not seeing an improvement in your bank balance? We can help you increase both your profit and your cash! Read more:
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Jaykidd Apr 20
This has been my most profitable weekend I’ve had in a long time
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Rick Dusenbery Apr 16
Replying to @AynW
Very valid point. I mean, I get it - some of these party buses “aren’t up to code” & therefore deemed to be a public safety hazard. But is this really the low hanging fruit we need to fix? Or is this all about generating revenue for the city? Oh - wait, never mind.
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Cash Matters Org Apr 23
We want to hear from those of you working in FinTech. Do you advocate for a cashless world or a harmony of cash and non-cash options?
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Armand Bouillet 🌊 Apr 20
Replying to @mindstatex @CalvinAyre
Crypto is degenerate. I prefer equities because I can actually value them ... just not at these prices. ... for the time being at least
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ATM Machines 23h
| We know banking is a huge topic in the ... Sometimes it will cause complications for your , but never fear! Us never let anything keep us down! 👑
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Ryan Apr 23
It's so hard not to give in and stuff we don't need. It took me a long time to really understand the difference between a and a . The sooner you it the better off you will be.
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Tidel Apr 23
As the only manufacturer in the U.S. to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification, prides itself on its heritage of quality solutions.
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IP Casino Resort Spa Apr 20
Congratulations to all of our winners last night from our $100K Cash is King Giveaway! ___ celebrated a $10,000 cash win as our final winner of the night! You could be next! Join us tonight for your final chance.
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Morphis Knows Money! Apr 17
Is it Time to Rethink How we Manage the Cost of ?
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A.Schwarztrauber13 Apr 21
“When you use debt in the face of a crisis, you’re only making things worse. You’re treating one problem by creating another.” -
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Accutrak Services Apr 23
Cash is King! Tune in tomorrow as we discuss cash flows
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Swonchek Apr 20
Replying to @ncilla
my life motto.....
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Josh Hembree Apr 22
would be proud of your boy,
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