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Haggis_UK #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 Nov 6
James cleverly gets the empty chair treatment after he pulls out of an interview with
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Antony Holt.🌷 9 Apr 15
Michael Fallon asked about Trident, witters on about Ed Miliband's brother! What's wrong with these bloody Tories?
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Polls2020UK Nov 7
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Robert Warren 12 Oct 16
Replying to @Earindill
That's what happens when a case of un-elected MAY-hem hits the UK
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Gary Boyle 16 Mar 17
Replying to @mgtruth
the DUP are too busy playing chicken with SF who don't attend & SDLP/UUP aren't holding enough seats to be useful
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I am the ghost🌹#jc4pm 💪 Sep 24
Replying to @RobertBuckland
£1000 to the winners charity of choice. I say you WILL not deliver any form of brexit by the 31st of October. Mainly because you have proven yourselves to be be shockingly incompetent at every thing you touch.
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Philip C James 🕷️ 3 Sep 18
How come drivers who fail roadside tests will immediately lose their licences yet , who can't see beyond his own vaunting ambition, is a contender for pole position driving us over the cliff?
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DeeMcBee 12 May 17
Clearly he's had the same media training as And 😂
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Nima Baniamer Nov 6
This is an absolutely amazing video. Happy Start of Election everybody! Brexit or no Brexit, please watch this and let me know how on earth you could vote for any of these numpties?
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John Troup 20 Oct 12
Crispin Blunt - if ever a man was in need of a limerick
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Camilla van Gerbig 🔸#RevokeA50 🔶 FBPE 🕷 Sep 16
Replying to @ch_1401
You numpty stop playing divide & rule within your own party (like the or . You’ve decided to set out your stall with an unequivocal & . A second Ref is not impossible after all the lying, cheating & lawbreaking has been exposed.
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Francis Skelton 6 Oct 17
Replying to @ComAware_4S
destroying our Economy through arrogant self-interest.
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Soweto Kinch Nov 6
If you understand what I’m saying to you, swivel once and raise your left wheel 🤣
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NPC 2 May 18
Replying to @BrandonLewis
I wonder if you will be this chipper when the results are in.
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ᖇEᗪᑭEᗪ75 #VoteLabour 23 Jul 18
Replying to @chunkymark
Hot on the heels of a NHS year on year defunding. . . by accident.
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jim macred 9 Mar 17
Tory MPs looking over their shoulders at career opportunities deserting them if Hammond's disastrous NICs isn't reversed.
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Masu 12 Oct 18
Of course it has- its rhetoric and nonsense. But it gives the chance to not report on and instead fill up their minutes with this garbage. being used to not report
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Rob Shiers 14 Apr 15
I'm very much enjoying watching politicians squirm on this week. Today it's Liz Truss
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Chris Marsh 🔶🇬🇧🇪🇺 Nov 6
Replying to @HertfordLibDems
They're running scared, very sacred, of any scrutiny what so ever, so is this what we are to expect from
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mushy_____ Nov 6
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