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Peter F. Dec 8
So, um , I'm a little confused, & and others have created a lot of chatter about new I try to keep up w/ our as much as anyone but I miss it, did CMR say he was bringing in a new guy or is this a hypothetical exercise?
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JNzinga Dec 8
Replying to @JustinEboigbe
The Bama era about to end bro....
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JNzinga 1h
Replying to @ENeal73
I didnt see you post any pictures from .... But ima chill... DEC 19th 🔥🔥👀
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Michael Bradley 22m
Replying to @_PatrickSimpson
100. Split /UPI, /
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Carolina Hurricanes 7h
The have recalled Scott Darling from .
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Christopher Beavans Dec 5
In 1 hour it will be GAMETIME. Let’s Go ❤️🏒
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Leigh 3h
We fans complain a lot about our team but at least we aren't the they are a train wreck....😑
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Jakai Clark‼️ Dec 6
Well this happened fast😂 Miami OV tomorrow!🙌🏾🤷🏾‍♂️
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Christopher Beavans Dec 7
GAMEDAY Let’s Go ❤️🏒
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Carolyn Gilbert 7h
Maybe this explains being pulled last him for the 🤔
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Michael Smith Dec 7
Sebastian Aho led forwards in ice time with 21:07 (3:55 PP, 2:30 SH). He scored a goal, had 5 SOG, 2 hits, a blocked shot and was 61 percent in the circle. He said he felt like it was his best game he played all season.
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Me being me 1h
I hate to say it, but I got that feeling that us fans are in for some disappointments.
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Tony Butcher® Dec 7
Nothing like holding for the last shot with 7 min left in the half.....
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Lewis Hughes Dec 6
Coach RBA after the score two or fewer goals for the fifth straight game:
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Danielle Donaldson Dec 7
I keep seeing that the will be awesome once the young guys get it figured out. Until that happens I believe we will all continue to sit in the pit of despair.
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JNzinga Dec 7
Replying to @J_Clark_55
That’s why you say to hell with them.
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Chris Miracle Dec 8
Someone tell me why this looks like a goaltender?
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Kat Guyton Dec 7
Hurricanes went duck hunting! We're headed home with the W! WIN!!!
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Jon Martin Dec 5
Hot take: I would have offer sheeted Nylander. Having trouble scoring is one thing, 65 goals on 1000+ shots is another entirely. How else do you fix such a long-standing problem especially when nothing else has worked?
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jay bizsm Dec 7
Replying to @dreamchaserTy10
We been knew that !
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