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Robby Starbuck Oct 21
Hmm what could have caused Netflix to have slumping growth? Could it have been their sexualization of children in Cuties? 🤔🧐
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An ELITE GUY 🇧🇭 Oct 19
A 11 yo girl fights and her Ass is shown She makes a 🎈 using a condom Shes dancing and they show her chest They video call a dude asking him if he loves tits and if he touch theirs She trying to take a photo of a dudes 🍆
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Loli Hunter Oct 20
Just watched cuties. Def recommend. 😈
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JOC Oct 19
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Bob Oct 20
Replying to @SkyNews
Clearly nothing to do with promoting a paedophilic film called Cuties? 🙄
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Joseph Hurtado Oct 20
is a way to show this large company that garbage is not welcome at home, Cuties is not okay, and it's appalling they are insisting in showing this film. Competition in America makes it easy to leave them, choose better entertainment: Hulu, Disney, HBOMax etc.
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Shane Oct 20
If is gonna cancel everything good then
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Adrian Tanasa Oct 16
Calling out a movie where real life children that act in it are made to simulate erotic dances on camera is not "censoring storytelling", its basic human decency that Ted Sarandos showed lack of. .
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Lisa 16h
Be sure if you try to cancel and you have kids that you make sure to change your password and sign out of all your devices or your kids clicking on the app can charge your card and they won't refund you.
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Just A Memer To Cancel Netflix Oct 15
Is still going cuz I want it to keep going cuz everyone starting to forgot what happened last month
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Just J Oct 19
Replying to @ThursdayGem
I actually had a list of reasons I had wanted to cancel Netflix and “Cuties” was the final straw that made me do it.
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LittleHurk Oct 20
Just cancelled Netflix permanently. Goodbye.
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Gisela Watch #Daredevil & #TheOA 11h
Great interview! I am not okay with how is treating (their) writers, showrunners etc. and also their paying customers. Wtf!
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Say NO to #CreepyJoe🤡 Oct 15
Replying to @nowthisnews
Damn, the pedos at Netflix are going really young for their Cuties sequel.
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Lord Bernfredo - a REAL MAN doesn't NEED pronouns Oct 20
There's so much old stuff and boring crap on Netflix it's stupid. I don't watch stupid "mystery" shit. Makes me wish to
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Music is a Rainbow Oct 14
Yet another person asked me if I even bothered to watch "Cuties" in its entirety. No, if a short clip looks like the legal definition of child porn, I do not respond by watching more child porn.
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Dani Oct 21
Replying to @washingtonpost
who support child exploitation under the name of controversy
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Kylie finnigan 9h
Replying to @netflix
It sends a chill through my spine when I think about how you constantly ignore your subscribers and what they have to say...
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Lily Q Oct 15
How can they defend this "cuties" trash????
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Sweet Jesus For Life Oct 20
Replying to @ChristianPost
This article is coming from a spirit of swarmy deception. It's basically saying, "child porn is going to be there, just give up and give into me." Don't listen to this ranting. Listen to the Holy Spirit.
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