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OneCause 3 Jun 14
Thanks! We can't wait! RT @IN_Intelligence: winner announced at ! Congrats BidPal!
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Last Chance to Enter Extreme Contact Center Makeover Contest!
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Last day to get your entry in for the contest! You could win a full head-to-toe contact center update
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ITEXPO 8 May 14
The contest is drawing to a close! Get your entry in before tomorrow to WIN A BRAND NEW CONTACT CENTER!
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Customer Experience 5 May 14
What better way to celebrate your contact center than the contest! Get a full upgrade worth millions
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New software, hardware, office furniture & more - it's all yours if you win the contest! Enter today
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Win new clients, retain employees, create the best . Upgrade your with
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Great communication tech is a key to a great . Upgrade your tech for free with
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With a this nice, you’ll never want to leave. Get a full makeover from @IN_Intelligence
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New tech & furniture make a HUGE difference in the . Upgrade yours with
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Do your employees cringe when they walk into your ? Update your tech & furniture with
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Your customers expect more from you. Upgrade that outdated for free with the
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Don’t put it off any longer-update that archaic & knock out the competition! Win it with
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Customer Experience 26 Mar 14
Your contact center is central to customer experience - make it the best it could be! Get a full free
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Is a head-to-toe transformation just what your needs? @IN_Intelligence is giving one away!
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Ryan McAdams 20 Mar 14
When fab goes to drab, you get a makeover. Why not your contact center? Enter to win a makeover.
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Don’t let your customer service goals get derailed by an outdated any longer. Win a !
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ITEXPO 15 Mar 14
Will You Win a Free Call Center Makeover Worth Millions?
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ChannelVision Expo 13 Mar 14
Is your in desperate need of a makeover? Enter to win the from @IN_Intelligence
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Revamp that old dusty into a dreamy space. New furniture, tech and more with the !
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