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CTIronman Oct 7
A ton of campaigns seem to think I am a Democrat in named Jacob
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Sarah WEAR YOUR MASK Littman 🔥🔥 Dec 11
As a major league Harry Potter fan, I was somewhat unnerved to find this in my inbox this morning.
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Fairfield Democrats Jan 16
Thank you, Congressman for your tireless efforts in Congress to serve your constituents here in CT-4 and to get meaningful legislation passed that delivers results for our district, our state, and our country. . . .
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Craig Helmstetter Nov 18
How the districts of the Majority Members (Democrats) of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted in the 2016 presidential election: 1 went for President Trump
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DFA New Haven Jun 24
A few points: 1) The New Haven part of the district () has moved left but other parts of the district (e.g. the Valley) have moved right. In 2016 Clinton actually won by smaller margin in CT3 than she did in (Fairfield County), which may shock some people.
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Mike Noble Apr 10
Replying to @SenhorRaposa
Ah, brings back memories. Love the map & analysis. selfishly would love to see Himes v Debicella 2010 GE race. My birthday is coming up (July 4th), would make a perfect gift (hint hint) 🙂
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Marisa O. #NotMeUs ✊ Oct 23
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Open Letters Oct 5
🖋 Sign “Senate adjournment” and I’ll deliver a copy to your officials: 📨 No. 1 is from to , and
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Great job by Jonathan Riddle @ the District Debate on Obamacare, illegal , , trade w/ china, , ,
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Open Letters Oct 7
📬 I delivered “DON'T VOTE FOR AMY” from Rachel, a constituent in Weston, Conn., to , and 📝 Write your own:
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Bill Evans Oct 24
Yet again,worst reporter in all of CT, has some guy named ‘Jim Hayes’ as the Congressman from ! When did he beat Jim Himes? should be embarrassed at not only how bad her reporting is but also that they apparently don’t have an editor that knows CT politics
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⚽ 🎼 🍔 🏛 @ 🏠 Nov 20
Replying to @jahimes
Proud that you are my representative, sir. Thank you!
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CTIronman Mar 6
Replying to @Redistrict
Recall in 2010 the GOP candidate in making a concession speech when the election night tally showed him in the lead. Why? Bridgeport hasn’t finished “counting” their votes yet
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The Brain of Connecticut Oct 7
Replying to @votemerlen @jahimes don’t like . But why should somebody vote FOR you? Why are you the right choice for ‘s future?
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The Brain of Connecticut Oct 19
Himes was the clear winner in the debate vs. . More composed and more thoughtful answers. CT’s Brain is officially endorsing
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CATargetBot Aug 10
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DLVjewel Mar 26
Congo Tourmalines 2,33 grams / 4 rough.
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CTIronman Aug 5
Replying to @varadmehta
In 2010 the GOP nominee in conceded election night holding a lead in counted ballots because ....Bridgeport
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DFA New Haven Dec 27
4th congressional district candidate claims he was profiled and "roughed up" by Westport police because he is a Republican trying to bring change... 😂😂
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Holley Atkinson 🇺🇸🆘🇺🇸#ProtectTheResults Nov 22
CALL NOW for MORE ☎️ Jim Himes 202-225-5541 ☎️ Terri Sewell 202-225-2665 ☎️ Andre Carson 202-225-4011 ☎️ Jackie Speier 202-225-3531
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