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Replying to @GlobalEdmonton
Stuff them and hang them on the wall.
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jakecrawford Jul 15
To this day this poor man is still having to recover. Due to jakes hostility.
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Amalia Candido Stringhini Jul 14
🙀🙀🙀🙀What’s going on with the world? 🙏
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DianeEveryday Jul 13
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Susan Graham 5h
currently breaking US & international law to lock up children in horrific conditions. Because is the point.
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Denise Jul 15
Replying to @Imamofpeace
Upsets me so much this 😢
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Social_VadaPav 21h
The sugar you eat is bitter. Do you know of the Indian villages of wombless women?
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Tambo™ Jul 11
The Calgary Stampede, as well as everyone who actually enjoys the event where they lasso and tie up a baby cow, can fuck right off.
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AmyInNeptune68 Jul 14
Nevermind that it’s the USA & NRA unwinding tracking Gun sales. The guns used in N triangle corrupt govt & gang violence are from the United States. It’s a big circle. Attract ppl w/ jobs, deport/ push out of home countries w/our guns & eventually the culture/ppl fade-
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Community Action to Reform RSPCA Jul 10
Warning Disturbing Content Hillside reported farm to RSPCA,only resulted in 2 ponies removed Owner previously been issued notice, RSPCA vet would not support case Grant free to continue neglect. Sound familiar?
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Gabrielle Jackson 10h
Fifteen-month-old girl held in immigration detention since birth hospitalised, by
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highserenity 14h
DUH trump has been a great teacher......we have ALL LEARNED A LOT ABOUT AND ....AND the manipulations of a PROFESSIONAL CON ARTIST.....looking for nothing but to pick your pocket..... Helping dictators attack US daily is the WORST kinda treason
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Community Action to Reform RSPCA Jul 14
Trust Pilot impact. explaining away doing nothing to prevent Answers are stock & furnished regularly. 5 star reviews which we'll ask Trust Pilot to investigate Pattern: when public outrage gets too hot, 5 star reviews posted.
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#IVoteForImpeachers 🏳️‍🌈 Jul 13
Replying to @karilod
That last one. is the point
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RESIST Kleptocratic Authoritarian TRUMP LIES Jul 10
Replying to @RepCummings
is the hallmark of the 45th Administration
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