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Nadjem cheurfa 21h
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/dev/null/ 7h
Replying to @RonTheDogTrainR
Maybe we become due to the over reaching laws. I have rights, but can't own a gun in Denver, tis a democratic sanctuary city have rights but new Zealand has turned my twitter over to Interpol, I'm an American, in America, visited by the shall I go on?
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💛💙LegoLASS💚🏳️‍🌈 13h
stuff dead rats with drugs and phones to smuggle into prison
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Music 8h
People commit , go on living in jail and get fed by our . $50 Billion goes to care for 1.5 Million . What a
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ElMagicMatt Mar 24
I am a law abiding citizen. You make it sound like we are all horrible people. Anyone that owns a gun is bad. How about to focus on or
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Mogrianne Mar 19
Replying to @cheflaszlo
I agree a very big issue and needs to be addressed - not 10 years from now - today, this week
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Deplorable JJ(Shadowbanned) 24h
Come out come out where ever you are you can't hide!! Time for all to pay!!
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Jan Kafka Mar 22
Why is the is *anyone* besides , the & the promoting these , & as potential for . Isn't the fat currently occupying the lesson enough?
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Susan Morgan Mar 24
Replying to @TheOtherRosie @AOC
and would have a harder time finding guns to buy illegally or steal if there’s fewer out there.
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Kathleen Mar 24
thanks for absolutely ruining my day! $300 to catch my return flight because my alarm didn't go off!!!
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mukesh 14h
Replying to @11patelmukesh
@11patelmukesh/winindia2019 *India2019 Drive IMP* *3i .Swamy FRAUD mafia thuugs looters of & INDIA PUBLIC* IMP *3i 4C's CHEATING CONCILING CORRUPTION CONSPIRING ON BAIL BONDS CHEAP-LAW*
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Kevin 3h
Replying to @GOP
Whitewater investigation cost 70 million plus and took 6 years. Mueller was 25 million and took two years. Broad ranging because surrounds himself with .
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dev Mar 19
Who cares about $- if we are totally morally bankrupt
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TIGER energy 8h
and the and and and everything , the rope is ready for the behavior by the
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Ian Whannel Mar 21
Are these trying to goad me into making idle threats? I will repeat, I am the victim not the perpetrator! It's I that's had guns pointed at me and fired over my head. It's I that's had funeral leaflets through my door and many other threats to my safety
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Steve Harris Mar 23
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
Seems the death penalty is more in order for her and all involved
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Vinod sattawan Mar 24
If isn't go on proper way.. Why we are say that Modi Hai to mumkin hai If isn't end out from India.. Why we are say that Modi hai to mumkin hai If are play a role in Indian politics.. Why we are say that Modi hai to mumkin hai
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Proud Conservative ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🇺🇸 #MAGA #KAG #BREXIT 3h
We won't just accept the results. It is time for conservatives to push back and double down on in thus country! if you are guilty of anything give yourself up now.
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Karlita 8h
Replying to @JohnCornyn @WSJ
I'll be pleased when there is some transparency. Show the report! Why all the lies and the "summary" by a partisan appointee? It's insulting to tell us we "should be pleased" without the hint of transparency!
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Earthstar 17h
Replying to @SenTomCotton
You’re an ineffective sheep and should resign. How can any sane, honest person support that monster?
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