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JuliusHunter 59m
So when will have time for his role at ?? If someone else will be running it why not give them the job? Seems like Mulvaney is getting his hands in a lot of cookie jars and probably getting something for it from someone in some way.
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NHSFailureHunter 1h
Dr Williams was a paedo and a criminal who worked at and most of his scumbags criminal colleagues who showed a blind eye work at . You will turn a blind eye as it’s not easy like trading,
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Rosie G 6h
His worst nightmare: Trump's life under a legal microscope it’s mind blowing 2C how many of these scumbags turned their backs on Racist Pence is staying quiet,we know ur to blame as well with all ur hatred
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Clifford Amoh 48m
Agenda to Rig Election 2020 by the NPP Using Drones Busted 👀👇🏾 “AkufoAddo/Bawumia And the NPP to Use Drones to deliver exam questions, Electoral Materials and Ballot Papers” - JoyNewsFile in government
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Bill Hight 4h
Replying to @matthewamiller
We've got a world record brewing for most resignations during a term of office. Trump hires only the "Best" of to work for him.
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just grace 3h
Replying to @GeorgePapa19 @GenFlynn
Says the convicted felon about another convicted felon. Both are a disgrace to this country.
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Jeffrey K. Walker 5h
If had thought bubbles, we wouldn't have problems figuring out their . And you can't convict without proving intent. With a lot of talk about intent in the news, I blogged about it. Because I'm a lawyer. And I know stuff.
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CrankyMcCrankerson Dec 14
Time for to investigate unfair practices of
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Collin G Wood ⚫️⚪️ 16h
I just received this SMS. The think they’re clever but will in due course find some sucker to unfortunately.
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pseudotodd Dec 14
Yo .... Mueller can't "wrap it up" unless y'all quit breaking the law....tell your (mob)Boss...
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Elish Donnelly 2h
anyone? white house who hasn't broken our laws? All (that is an insult to criminals) people still want him as . Orrin , , walks back his previous comments of "Not caring if he broke the law" comments. This Man sh*t is over.
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Morning Trump Dec 14
Replying to @CNNPolitics
Great! Chris’s criminal Wall Street bro can insider trade on all the market moving tweets!
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Raine Richardson Dec 12
Replying to @JamaicaGleaner
Residents of supported it for 3 reasons 1 it was new to them (@start) 2 They live uptown and have business benefitin 3 They can afford Lawyers & Have *Links* Oppression isn’t the way forward you create that way Regular Policing is what 90% of SOE has that’s NEEDED
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Susie Howells 10h
Replying to @RoyalMailHelp
Sure Emma. What’s the point? Off-putting link - Starts off on the assumption that’s it’s probably caused by machinery. This card had a raised ‘21’ on it which someone in your employment clearly thought might be something of value and slit it open.
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Vimal Sharma Dec 14
biggest problem of a criminal , it thinks it is clever .BUT there is nothing more strong than hard work since the age of 5 .
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Franklin Ogun 10h
Only a shut down his shop and start chasing .
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Mark Viera 5h
Replying to @RealDLHughley
Nope!!!! Not one
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Mike McCoy Dec 14
I got dime that says this a OSU fan, coach or alumni?!
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My Info 7h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
No one you KNOW has done a GOOD JOB!
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