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Vida Galore🤬 7h
Please get trending. Where is ?
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Stephen Stottrup Aug 20
This is report on CTU leadership's adoration for a terrible dictator & his oppressive regime is troubling to say the least. I know many CPS teachers whom I have the greatest respect for. But CTU leadership needs a house-cleaning.
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Andrew Wilkow Aug 20
Remember 40% of teachers and administrators send their own kids to private school.
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“When We Fight, We Win!” Aug 21
... needs to be embarrassed by this! Like, having real shame.
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Ellie Brown 🦅 #SayIt #EllieB Aug 21
Very close to my home. Speaking to my senior detective cousin about this story today 👇
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Alan Fountain 11h
Replying to @StormIsUponUs
Thanks, Joe! Let us, Hope, & Pray not another GA Senator Nancy Schaefer consequence of foul play having a humanitarian heart! Praying she is safe but off the grid.
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Corner Pub Sports 49m
We are live tonight at 8:15pm on (stream 3) we talk about the NFL preaseason and how it needs to change, preview the AFC East, and baseball's sex pill problem. Brought to you by and !
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Dr Erica Bains filed FRAUDULENT police report against mom of a medically diagnosed mentally handicapped “Katie A” minor child, at Miramonte High School. This has financially $ enriched Dr Bains. Watch Dr Bains now served with 2 federal lawsuits
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Medical kidnapping!! Doctor Erica Bains making false police reports against a mother in contra costa county over a “Katie A” receipient child. While financially enriching Dr Erica Bains of Contra Costa County corruption LOCK THIS BITCH UP NOW! Served!
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Sandra J Espinoza Aug 20
OLCE workshops today. linguistic spaces and lotta Lara
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Dr Voldis Kudliskis Ph.D Aug 22
Where are support staff in Chicago's schools budget? Teachers want to know.
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Blanche Aug 20
Happened to my kid repeatedly in elementary. Sped ervices cancelled cause sped teacher had to cover a class when no sub.
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Jinja's Illegal VIP Aug 21
From a point like to it's practically unrealistic to get to 50kph. So it was not installed to tell people to drive at 50kph, but rather it's a limit that shouldn't be exceeded.
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Naresh Krishnaveni Aug 19
. promised that he will abandon within 1 week of assuming charge as CM. Now it’s almost 3 months not even a single step taken towards that !!
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A Cibelli 4h
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Craig Gardner 18h
Replying to @cpsuk
No wonder the morale is so low in our Police forces & officers are leaving. Not only are they being assaulted more often it's then decisions like this that beat them down yet again. They are deserving of the CPS to have their back but clearly not. you should be ashamed.
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Riley Ferguson Aug 18
Back to School BASH!! Fruit roll up eating contest.... fourth grade wins!!!!
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makes billions of dollars per year on sex trafficking kids, kiddie porn, rape of minor children. NO where worse than in Contra Costa County’s Walnut Creek Superior Family Courts the sex trafficking capital of America.
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Replying to @milck1979
denies parents the constitutional right to bring witnesses. This is illegal Because is all about and kiddie porn and rape
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660 NEWS Calgary 22h
New program hopes to draw more kids away from gangs
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