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Gavan Reilly 2m
Replying to @gavreilly
On : “It is going in the right direction…” - rolling 5-day averages of all metrics are looking good. “We’ll look at the data again next week… it takes at least two weeks to check if the actions you took to ease restrictions are having an effect or not”
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Catherine O'Sullivan May 25
Today's Update - 59 New Cases - 0 Deaths - 24,698 Total Cases - 0.2% Increase - If you find these updates useful I would appreciate a like or share Thank You!
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Willie O'Dea May 23
Of those 200,000 who are allegedly better off on the €350 Covid payment, many 1000s were below the poverty line. I will oppose any move to drive them down below this line again. This has to be an inclusive recovery.
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George Lee May 27
10 days since first easing of restrictions Chief Medical Officer just said there were 5 new COVID-19 admissions to Intensive Care today and 15 admissions to hospital. That’s an increase. He said NPHET is a little bit worried and they are going to watch that.
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Dr Sinead Ahern May 25
I’m finding it increasingly frustrating that childcare seems to be such low priority for government. Working families can’t sustain the relay parenting, late nights, or constant stress of making sure childcare is sorted.
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Grand Torino May 23
“You racist Irish people have no idea of the terrible hardship I’ve already endured on an 18hr flight from South Africa, with stopovers in war-torn Dubai and London. The beef stroganoff was served cold! Now, where’s my free house?”
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Ruth Coppinger May 22
While you lost your job, missed your parents or risked your life thru lack of PPE, a handful of billionaires thrived. What a system. Capitalism puts private profit above all else & can’t deal with a pandemic. Time for it to go.
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Mistake Not… 7h
And again today. Why is the peddling this nonsense? Cui bono? This is a marginal opinion in our society, one held by cranks, yet aired, continually, as “mainstream” by this paper.
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Diarmaid Mac Aonghusa 🇪🇺 22h
This is a mistake. Schools need to open as normal in September (3 months from now) unless there has been a major 2nd wave. This notion that we are in a "new normal" needs to be stopped. Normal social interactions can and must resume.
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Mick Barry TD May 25
Schools sending out texts to parents about re-registering their children for next year is fine. Schools sending out texts at the same time asking for three figure "voluntary contributions" in the middle of a Covid/economic crisis is not fine.
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Seán Ó Morchoe May 27
This bullshit: 'Holohan indicates that almost two-thirds of today’s *new* cases are historical.' And now this bullshit: 'Holohan said 2m physical distance is guidance not a hard & fast law. He said it has to be interpreted by people.'' It's all bullshit.
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An Taoiseach, and Ministers & are briefing the media following today’s Cabinet meeting.
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Revolution 57%🐊 May 25
Not one media outlet covering flouting the rules. We all want to sit around in the park getting pissed in the sun, but we are staying home.
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Carol 🇮🇪☘️ 2h
Went supermarket shopping with my homemade mask 😷this morn & was surprised to see very few wearing masks. Two ladies (I know) went as far as telling me "I was off my rocker as the Gov were making it up as they go along & they're not listening to them anymore "🤔
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Critical Care Partners May 24
We issued a detailed letter to each TD’s on Saturday clearly stating the problems we are seeing on the ground and how patients are really being affected
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ThomasConnolly Sligo 16h
Pubs are closed 74 days today & today is 74 days to reopening on Aug 10th
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Dublin City Council May 26
We are delighted to loan some cycle parking to the OPW for use at the Botanic Gardens whilst current facilities in the car park are closed.
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Paddy Mallon May 21
What phrase has irritated you most during ? Mine is ‘ main concern is...’ translated ‘..I don’t want to change!’
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Conor Mc Brearty 5h
Thoughts of a 5 year old this morning.
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