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SmartEnergyCouncil Sep 23
We are proud to present our 2nd session/Day 2 Powerful, international voices united , Director , Founder , PM of Fiji, President Register 4FREE!
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School of GeoSciences @ University of Edinburgh Mar 3
Reminder countdown event with - This event will be livestreamed on ECCI's facebook page from 10:00-11:00 on 17/03. Details below.
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Iain Keith Dec 5
Umm. So the UK created the Powering Past Coal Alliance at then allowed their banks to plough £25bn into coal?! UK financial support for coal must end - finance a Global Green New Deal instead at .
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Oscar Archer Sep 16
In the embarrassed silence since Bonn , a shift has been steadily occurring. My latest at
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ClimateHeritage Feb 18
Replying to @FijiPM
What do leaders at the highest levels think abt the cultural dimensions of climate change? Does resonate? The next speaker, President & Prime Minister of Fiji Frank Bainimarama is uniquely positioned to answer these questions ... /7
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Emmanuel Faber Jun 12
Congrats to Dr. Rattan Lal on being awarded by the prestigious . I am 100% aligned on his work for demonstrating the importance of soil health to provide sustainable food and mitigating climate change. Throwback to in 2017, when we shared the stage together.
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Anne Schulthess Nov 7
Gross. I was in the same room as some of these people at & watched them speak over Sheela Patel of . Not surprised...
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WeDontShutUp Dec 4
Press release: The expected last day of trial against the 5 climate activists who shut down the -power plant Weisweiler in 2017 during the . "They have been negotiating longer than I live, but have yet failed to take action." Never trust a
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Roneel Kumar ✊🏿 Feb 17
So much for . We continue to mine and sell our soil and all it's minerals. Take a trip to Labasa from Nabouwalu to Dreketi and you'll see it for yourself. The hypocrisy!
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Suzana Carp Feb 29
Glad to see our proposal for a 5 year, Paris-aligned, ratchet in the leak. We first introduced it in 2017 during revision, then at & submitted it in 2020. A briefing of how it would work on our website
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Bioenergy Crops Nov 12
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Melanie Hopkins Jun 25
Vinaka . We were proud supporters of Fiji's presidency, as well as a leading supporter of international climate finance. Ahead of , we need more than ever strong voices from the Pacific @FCOClimate
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Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum Dec 6
Passing on ⁦⁩ ‘s appreciation, and a big vinaka vakalevu, to President and climate and health champion, Prime Minister ⁦⁩ Bainamarama of Fiji. (Smiles on both sides are because I grew up there). ⁩ ⁦
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Lavetanalagi Seru Feb 19
for what ? The needs to stop the approval of licences to profit driven companies that will turn our biodiversity into wastelands. This companies will come and go - communities and their future generations will suffer.
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John Englart EAM 🌏💦 Dec 2
Replying to @MichaelM_ACT
At least Australia has an official delegation office at , but no lavish pavillion. There was no office at all at
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Zuriel Oduwole Jan 25
Vanessa I Spoke at on the effects of climate change on education . If ONLY 1 person hears u, you've done well. Us girls are doing amazing things. Dont let a pic bother you. Pick your fights
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in : In 2017, the Conference started in . The conference was chaired by but took place in . According to the adopted at , concrete rules were to be drawn up during .
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AYICCZim Apr 25
Happy International Delegates Day. Delegates bring the to life.They negotiate agreements and coordinate with their home countries. Some form alliances, others struggle for compromises. In that way, they embody the multilateralism, which the UN stands for.
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Sauvons Le Climat Feb 12
Replying to @VTulkki @6point626
Yes! Exactly what we presented at
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Richard Naidu Dec 27
Replying to @ChrisJCaine
Well, yes and no. Central gets power from Monasavu down 132Kv lines that are pretty robust and at Kinoya EFL burns -unfriendly Heavy Fuel Oil in its generators to keep Suva’s power coming. So what’s happened? Why the unplanned outage when it gets a bit windy?🤔
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