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sadbuttrue🇪🇺🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴 12m
Manages a couple of games: a win at 3p Gizmos and a ‘ran out of time’ at 2p Now Boarding.
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Big_Satisfying_D_arnell Apr 11
Replying to @Jane_PhD_Prof
You're a PhD, yet you claim the raptors will lose in first round're unhealthy obsession won't get any minutes? Do you not realize he's washed? He doesn't deserve any minutes. I think your bio should read JeremyLin#1supporter not Raptors
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3 Steve 7 Apr 18
man.. 12/3 accident happened and still cannot get this resolved. Just called in twice and both times, the rep went off to get support and both times i get the 1 question thing and then nothing.. kidding me!!!
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Luis Diaz 2h
As long as Javier is on a chad brown horse he will never win again 🙄
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FOX 61 7h
This week, Foodie Friday takes us to Southbury! See what's being cooked up! It'll make you hungry, that's for sure. Join all morning!
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Andrew 19h
Replying to @duciswild
Monroe is killing me, missing from point blank range your a veteran
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Pragano 5h
Replying to @DanAmarante
Dan is the epitome of team player dude!
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Rory 21h
Replying to @ktvilla92
Take care my young drilla #1
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Eric Apr 18
How many wheelchair ramps do they really have in Winterfell mon
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Aaron Belz Apr 18
No need to keep dunking on the donut people. I mean a hot take is one thing, but HOT NOW means something entirely different.
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Common Sense 22h
Ain’t gonna happen! No matter your party. Stop the hate and embrace how well our economy as country is doing.
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#FANCY lil’chae | ken Mar 31
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Marcos Alonso Jan 18
Getting ready for tomorrow's derby ⚽️🔜 🔥💙
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coffeeonmashirt👨🏻‍🚀☕️ 21h
Do you even Twitter if you don’t use dark background mode
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D Roc Bandz 4h
Women always say "men are users". Men only use women for sex. Women use men for sex, attention, rebounds, a ride, bills & shopping sprees.
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Anthony Williams 8h
When you go to MLBtraderumors for the trade rumors but it the becomes a place to cover extensions for the past month... and you love hot stove trade chatter.
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Marcos Alonso Feb 2
Great team performance. Exactly what we needed today 💪🏼🔵
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Stafford H Burns III Apr 11
Replying to @TheRoot
Damnit! These conciliatory negroes! Between he and Cory Booker they are gonna have us on a field picking cotton if we’re not careful. WE HAVE NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR! PLYMOUTH ROCK LANDED ON US! (PS I’m married to a white woman and she says Jones has no excuse.)
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DELIA ™ 5h
Culture Fridays is the only place to be tonight! Florida DJ Legend Brad Smith blesses our decks, it’s sure to be a night of surprises you won’t want to miss!! — attending Culture Fridays feat. Brad Smith at Remixx Lounge
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Harleyinfife Apr 16
Let's start a rumour ! ! Lets see who the Renfrew Clan are signing from this summer ! Just wished the Flyers would announce a few soon. Put me right off buying a season ticket last year
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