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William Owen Jan 20
Replying to @mtaibbi @mutex7
Indoctrinated, trained, bought and paid for professional prevaricators, and practicers of propaganda; our friends, the
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BiometricArian 1h
Who is the accountable person for 18 years of failures in War on Terror in Afghanistan? Khalilzad, Karzai & Ghani, the 5th column of Taliban. Their tribal ties with Taliban is stronger than loyalty to democracy. They raised Taliban from the ashes. The know it.
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Nicholas Molodyko 1h
I imagine there’ll be Congressional investigations to follow regarding targeted individuals and the social media practices of the over the last decade. It will be my patriotic honor, duty and privilege to testify. With honor.
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Carrie Peterson 16h
workout is diet coke unhealthy
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Aditya Mudigonda 8h
This trail will expose how low you stoop to defend . Can the do the same drama in USA without being destroyed by and ? The tolerance of India is that they are still walking freely.
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brett allen 5h
IS THIS WHY EX DIRECTOR LOST HIS TOP SECRET CLEARANCE? "When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude & political corruption is known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history; America will triumph over you."
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Don De La Don Jan 18
How about a waterboarding . How about we check you for truth. One pinch on your tit on and one on your balls, the electric rods bring the truth out. You ready to face and the Son of God. I'm watching asshole
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Ash 5h
Does it remind you of something? 😎
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Kate Clark 9h
Khost Protection Force, with American present, likely kills 6 civilians in Paktia "The wolf from the mountains doesn’t carry out such actions. They shot them in the eyes and mouths, where the women were sitting, a mother was sitting."
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Philosophy Panther 6h
Reposted from - ❌READ- VERY IMPORTANT❌🔥👇🏿 TAG 2👇🏿I indeed do NOT AGREE with this hypocrisy going on! I could TOLERATE it UNTIL the & tweeted about…
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⚡Maqsood Ahmed ⚡ Jan 21
Replying to @AbidSherAli
Because, there wasn't any Osama killed. And the Osama was operative.. So?
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Gleim Accounting Jan 18
Kick off your weekend with our Friday CIA pop quiz! Give us your answer and explain why it’s correct. Then, let us know what’s next for you on your journey.
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John Spangenberg 6h
Replying to @wmiddelkoop
Do you smell that?
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Christian deBlanc 23h
Replying to @cecenj
The Paper of Record told us the truth: A conspiracy b/w Mafia & govt killed in Memphis. Jowers, the restaurant owner, conspired with Memphis PD and Mafia to hire a shooter. Meanwhile, the feds, presumably the framed James Earl Ray as a scapegoat.
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Ishan 21m
Lessons of history to be learned and not to forget about.
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RadioFreeGuantanamo 22h
Replying to @Galina_Imrie @caitoz
The was not created by progressives, fyi. Neither was the . What are you on about?
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CIA Off Campus - UIC Jan 20
The racist is targeting students of color to further undermine democracy and violate human rights. Come out on Jan. 28 to help get !
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Kimberley Wade-Hall 6h
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champion tenza Jan 19
Thuli Madonsela accepted funding of up to R500 000 from , during her tenure as public protector. USAID is just a public relations organization for the , clearly, her office was pushing the regime change agenda of Washington DC, undermining our democracy.
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Professor Q Jan 14
Was Michael Hastings Targeted By The CIA? Wikileaks Reveals Agency's Covert Carjacking Ability -
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