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JrChiva May 19
🇲🇽Quien les gustaria que replace el position vacio? A mi Raul Gudiño 🇺🇸Who would you like to see take over the empty spot? I prefer Raul Gudiño
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JrChiva May 20
🇲🇽Si no viene Nestor Araujo, Hugo Ayala es el plan B. Qual les gustaria? 🇺🇸If Nestor Araujo doesn’t come to Chivas Hugo Ayala is their plan B. would you like to see him?
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Benjamin May 25
Raul Gudiño, 22-year old goalkeeper who just won the league in Cyprus with APOEL, will sign with Chivas this summer. This is great news! Gudiño returns home for the first time since 2014. He had been with Chivas for 8 seasons before he left to Porto.
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EL UNIVERSAL English May 24
F.C. Are trying to send a message that they're not willing to overpay for a player when in reality, this is due to liquidity shortage. Read today's editorial for by , also in Read more:
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Is this one of the new 🐐 shirts for 2018/19? Rumors suggest it might be... 🤔
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chicharito supporter 7h
Javier Hernandez Chicharito girlfriend British lad Chaska Borek -- little pea
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samuel 7h
Let us dream
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Irvin 8h
Chivas vs Real in Club world Cup final
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Natascha May 25
. The best way to predict the future is to create it 👊
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Nación Esmeralda US May 25
"There are situations that don't depend on me, I'm calm with what I did there . I don't know if they didn't want to pay or if it was very expensive. I'm willing to work and today the chance is given to me by ." Source:
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Che Lane May 25
With age comes@great responsibility #45
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La Plaza May 24
🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴 omg obsessed!! one time for the tribe! twice for the fam! my other fav half >
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Moy D'Alba May 24
Que los me manden DM o Whats 3314986458
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Maartje Blijleven May 24
Such a great startup won the Venture Award 2018 ! , and the other judges: I totally understand you have chosen as the winner: what an inspiring story! 🙏🏻
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Soccer Never Sleeps May 24
Replying to @nayibmoran
Please Europe, not just for 's sake, but for sake too. We should not be selling our best players to rivals to come back and humiliate us.
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lebua Hotels&Resorts May 23
"Here's the only place you can find the world's priciest blended scotch" Thank you Eat Sip Trip for featuring Alfresco 64 - A Chivas Bar. Read full article:
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joshua May 23
Shot with tatay and tito
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Vote for your favourite fan,support your team!! on 😍Mayra Nayeli Barco Fan of Chivas Guadalajara from Mexico!
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Tiago May 19
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