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BlueRock May 31
Q: How do we foster camaraderie & resilience among our ? A: Attending the – rain, shine and in this case cancelled. Proud of our team’s ability to ! in our quest to through our platform!
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BlueRock Nov 19
We are so proud of the BlueRock team! A group of talented and dedicated that are working together to develop our novel platform.
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BlueRock Apr 15
We’re proud to have our CEO, Emile Nuwaysir, leading the BlueRock team to advance novel research in !
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BlueRock Jun 5
Had a blast where our CFO & CBO, Shane Kovacs, highlighted key developments across our 3 therapeutic areas — neurology, immunology and cardiology, further demonstrating the depth of BlueRock’s platform.
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BlueRock Sep 25
BlueRock was invited to participate in ’s amazing summer program, Summer by Design. The of researchers met with the executives to learn more about our platform. Excited to see their work in the !
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