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LeCoo 😈🏳️‍🌈 21h
🤙About me: ➖Gender: Boy😈 ➖Age: 14 y/o🔥 ➖Sexuality: Gay🏳️‍🌈 ➖Where I come from: 🇩🇪/🇷🇺 ➖Hobbys: Gaming, Sport 👾 ➖Relationship: Vergeben💖 ➖Likes: cuddle, IT (Information Technology), dogs🐶 ➖Don´t like: Spiders, 🕷
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MaryLee Luna Apr 21
Thank you for YOU!! She was admitted to the ward but is now back home. We still don't know what happened to her, but we DO know it wasn't her heart. Her vitals, bloodwork & sugars, pulse ox, stress test results all great! We have no answers, but she's HOME! 💜
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MaryLee Luna Apr 20
***Prayers Please*** Someone VERY close to us, a near, dear, beloved amazing soul who means the world to us, has just been hospitalized, and in the ward. Out of respect for she and her...
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Blackgrey Apr 13
Yeah. And this crap must now be applied to all of the internet. Thanks and for fucking this up so badly.
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Kilian Weber Apr 16
Replying to @h_vaez @KialoHQ
NEVER EVER a member of the They are in every way a shame an they give nothing about the people. Corrupt from top to bottom.
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yourownbot Apr 20
Don't Pet your own !
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Alex Monfort ferrer Apr 15
Replying to @zoobab @Senficon
But as the EU directive with It has already been approved by the agriculture council (by dirty strategy of ) it doesn't matter anymore. Because the French Government was sure that it would be approved, that's why at national implementation announced before.
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Nicola Lomas Apr 18
Big thank you to all the doctors, nurses and health care support workers that treated me yesterday in A&E and CDU. Friendly, caring, compasionate, organised and funny. I felt respected and listened to. Proud to work for this organisation 🚑🏥💉
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Thanks to and the majority of Europe who voted for and other harmful articles, we‘re going to lose our internet freedom in about 2 years. I hope they‘re happy for what they did... I AM NOT!!!! 🤬🖕🖕🖕
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Obstl0rd Apr 19
Replying to @FennekinFrosty
it is not over yet if more and more people get the information that clearly shows that our ground rights as humans in a democracy are in great danger through and the wind can turn.Maybe there even will be a true democracy possible in the future. But Censorship is strong
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Kovah Apr 20
Scribd taking down the non-copyrighted is a perfect example of why is absolute bullshit. Read more: Do not vote for the at
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CoolTourOptimist Apr 20
und die on the Highway to Hell.
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Rich Apr 13
2 down, 2 more to go! 😍 God is Good!
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World Elects 17h
Replying to @ElectsWorld
🇩🇪West , federal election : / : 29 % : 20 % : 19 % : 11 % : 9 % : 7 % , 17/04/19
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Oculus News Apr 20
Besnik Kelmendi, the successful Albanian politician in Germany in
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sanddrn Apr 16
That 'naive' is probably the first Prime Minister in Germany to arrange a conservative-rightwing coalition after 1933. Upcoming Saxony elections in Autumn.
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Love Amor, Ligar, Music Apr 14
# IF our German representative votes yes to censorship on the internet, You will be totally defeated at the polls. Because it is the will of the people in conjunction with the most powerful organizations on the planet Guaranteed!
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Lighthouse Display Apr 15
Countertop Display Unit - are ideal for statement makers particulary, when you have the space secured for them. Think of them as mini . Eye catching and can hold as much or as little as you want. See ours here:
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nützlichernichtsnutz Apr 19
Before Rocket Arabia starts with Satellite for Europa and Arabia, we see same smoke and picture, but the fakemedia don`t show ist!
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Pavol Vaskovic Apr 15
Replying to @woelken @spdde
And just to be clear, wasted unique leverage from coalition contact to change 🇩🇪 position and save 🇪🇺 from . Instead they negated your EP work to prop up . It’s this lack of spine and principles, the betrayal on national level the is based on.
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