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Blessed! 20h
A showcase of talents. Good job nak! @50
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Wayn Lane 魏谰 4h
which is the reason some suspect that the is considering executing “Plan B”
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Crimson Cloak Pub 46m
Full of Grace by Elizabeth Crocket is getting some great reviews. Get your copy at Amazon and all major retailers.
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North Khanid Traders 🚛 6h
A NKT Worker will distribute 400k units of Oxidizing Compounds from Murema to Telang
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Iinggryy Jul 9
My day to the day🤠
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pyBY 3h
Such are the quality of diplomat these days
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theo rohe 13h
Replying to @ReutersChina
The built islands, then the U.S. needs to build a base on if they want it.
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the vision is God given. 4h
taking a moment to say i that been in my graphic design bag this summer. well i mean ive been gettin the job done. lmao
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Guo Library 22h
’s Upcoming Federal and the Risk of Interference
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North Khanid Traders 🚛 22h
North Khanid Trade is completing a contract for 460k units of Small Arms from Namaili to Raravath
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Evita Siu Jul 12
Replying to @cjwerleman @yindavid
is fighting any system of moral values that could unite their own citizens against the oligarchy on top. Religious groups are able spread a message in church/mosque/synagogue hence their leaders & active members are first to go. Also ethic heritage poses same danger to
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Jim Banks Jul 10
A new report emerged last weekend detailing the extent to which is a tool of the . If trade U.S.-China trade talks fall through again, will have the courage to withdraw these notable exceptions being made for Huawei? I hope so.
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―𝐊𝐲𝐫𝐞𝐞 🦋 Jul 12
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Pro-JC Revolutionary Group Jul 12
To Secretary : Due to the recent spate of events happening in , perpetrated by publicity officials, the Publicity Department should be officially designated as a state-sponsored terrorist organization. We hope to defend the title!
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North Khanid Traders 🚛 Jul 14
North Khanid Trade will deliver 70k units of Broken Self-Harmonizing Power Cores from Annad to Jachanu
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theo rohe 21h
Replying to @PekingMike
I just call it tech.
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Himalaya Global Workstation Jul 8
To sign or not to sign (), is doomed either way.
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Dan Garrett 16h
Replying to @krislc
Same as before: 1) create a spectacle to paint protesters as violent; 2) wage a performative war; 3) beat protesters to "teach them a lesson"; and, 4) show the that the gov & "patriot camp" aren't total FUs (failed) and they are "loyal" to the ...
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Himalaya Global Workstation Jul 5
Interview with : "The most significant threat to the US future prosperity and freedom is the Chinese Communist Party."
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Dan Garrett Jul 14
/ complain about fingers being "bitten" by protester but neglect to state that said finger(s) were also evidently being used to try to poke a protester's eye out... try to play a lot of these types of pressure point & joint lock tricks ...
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