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🦄 6m
Replying to @iHateShaun
This makes no sense cause men fuck other women while they’re in a relationship all the time. I have dms FULL of taken men wishing they can fuck me.
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🦄 9m
Replying to @daniellep__
Next thing u know they on twitter uploading screenshots about some hoe shit their girl did.
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B. 1m
My last two (and hardest ) finals are today. With only 10 minutes in between...
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maggie 🎄 9m
drank a LOT of coffee and I am not any more awake than I was before, just very very very jittery please send prayers
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Lil Cousin Lucky 🍀 51m
Y’all gone let this “King” talk debate y’all right outta remembering R.Kelly is a WHOLE PREDATOR. And no. You CANT separate the man from the music. You can’t be MY king when you using that same career to lure young aspiring women into being your victims. 🙄
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Sam Schuchardt 35m
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PeeeRrrrrDeee 6h
Made the mistake of refollowing you despite previous evidence of your transphobia. You obviously ignored all the tweets I've made to educate people like you about the realities of trans peoples lives & my requests that any anti trans Pro Indy person unfollow me.
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James  🛸 14h
Just had one of those yawns that rocks your world and shows you how freaking tired you are 😴
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SheDoes 2h
Replying to @senorrinhatch @KSLcom
Very OLD and corrupt. Time to go
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Jersey Mess♠ Dec 10
I do the same damn job everyday so idk why my boss acts as if I’m incompetent?
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Brittney Pakebusch 3h
Don’t tell me you’re broke then go posting on social media you bought board games, outfits for your dog, AND got a new tattoo. Honey you ain’t broke you’re dramatic af.
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PensNation 1h
Replying to @BlueSkyCBC @CBCSask
Don’t like it? Don’t listen to it.
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Terry Ann Wynne Dec 1
“When things go wrong... don’t go with them.” 👋 👋
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Charlie Crowley 3h
How can they take Subway away from us?
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Lauren Le Page Dec 9
Flying 100% for leisure & 0% for work for the first time in like four years this weekend 🙌🏻✈️
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naomi 2h
Sometimes people need to read the tone before making a funny comment. Like...ok so they’re too serious for you, just ignore the caption and comment on the photo. No need to tell the world that you have no intentions of dreaming big bc your mind can’t comprehend it.
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Sandy Serena 1h
Don’t u hate how there are some entitled people in this earth living breathing the same air as u? OH AND ON TOP OF THAT THEYRE UNGRATEFUL wow what a personality
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CJ Bautista 13h
Replying to @chef__dontcare
I pay for my own dinner
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Katie VanBlargan 5h
Me to the T...byyyeeee 💁🏼‍♀️😬
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angelina Dec 9
If you ever “WHO IS THIS” to me.. idc if you got a new phone I won’t ever respond to you and you get blocked on all SM 😂
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