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Uwimana Diane 1m
: Japanese Embassy to give 250 tons of sardines to Burundi school canteens via
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EjoHeza News 14h
Replying to @BMineagrie
"I’m very happy we can support Burundi through giving rice. The culture of Cuisine for burundians and the one for japanese are quite similar. This rice will be provided to people from and will be used in a wonderful way" M.Takayuki, Amb. to
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Da ud Haji 14h
calls for an immediate end to the fighting in Somalia.
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Guy Karema Feb 17
Pdt on asking Museveni & other EAC leaders to handle issue: "I don’t have to play into the hands of those using the pretext [of Rwanda as the problem]. Let the people handling it continue handling it because East Africa matters a lot more than Bdi’s problem".
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EjoHeza News 16h
After their meeting behind closed doors, and Heads of State led a press briefing during which they reaffirmed their desire to strengthen the cooperation and good relations of friendship that bind their people for decades
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Today from Somalia 1h
Between 800 or 1,000 Burundian forces dead in since 2007, as News vision reported, received $18Million of Compensation from , this figure may be less or more, if Burundi lost that forces in , how about other nations of TCC members?. .
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Uburundi bwa Nyaburunga Feb 18
Rare events since the constitutional coup.
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Bonaventure Nick Worship Feb 13
Replying to @Claudenshim
Awesome this in
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RegionWeek 19h
First Vice-President of the Republic, H.E. received a delegation of -ese businessmen who came to explore investment opportunities in .
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Oxford PWM 23h
In the cycle, today we pray for the Diocese of Makamba (), Archbishop (and Primate of Burundi) Martin Blaise Nyaboho, the diocese's clergy, lay people and communities.
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Olegdave Feb 16
Replying to @rihanna
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Louisa Esther Mugabo 18h
. will speak about & in at this year's . Hope we can stream it!
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African Platform Feb 17
Replying to @Afrika_Platform
7.Jean-Baptiste Bagaza (30, ) 8.Marien Ngouabi (30, People’s Republic of Congo) 9.Yahya Jammeh Strasser was days short of 25 when he overthrew the government of Joseph Saidu Momoh in 1992 and it made him youngest leader in the world after Jean Claude of Haiti, 19 years
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Uwimana Diane 7m
to demand drawdown review of troops in Somalia via
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Mirr Oils 2h
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DrBen Feb 17
Replying to @KamVTV
You first help your homeless citizens. doesn t need your support
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Esayas Girmay 19h
Replying to @Abele_a @abbasshash
U guys reminded me of similar story from :)
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Munezero Marie Grace Feb 17
Replying to @Fiona_Kamikazi
would be searching others to be blamed instead of trying to solve their own problems! Buri gihe ni undi uba ufite ikibazo🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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RegionWeek 2h
Malawi: The incredible story of William Kamkwamba to be broadcasted on Netflix>Read More : - >
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Dr Claude KIREMWA 14h
Replying to @albcontact
When such peaceful change and continuity will occur there in ? is the next.
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