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Rakesh Gupta 23h
Replying to @sardesairajdeep
In Modern India husband will wear Burka for womens. You are a very big C......
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🇮🇳 Rangeela Desi 🇯🇵 Oct 17
Replying to @shaaqT
Agree! Please say that for too!
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GullaAfridi Oct 15
Replying to @Gulalai_Ismail
We are getting as a gift😂😂
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Amar Trivedi Oct 17
The narrative today... oppresses whilst liberates... read on to understand what Karva Chauth means to hindu women by Prof Charu Uppal.
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krypto_kane 🇪🇺 (no to racism) Oct 11
Had a very heated discussion at a family dinner last night regarding the . Later found this brilliant extract by which expresses what I was trying to say far more eloquently.
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Guide To The Bible Oct 14
Replying to @FBAwayDays
who choose to wear or advocate the and support men who force women to wear them; THERE IS NO CHOICE!: … … … … Rees
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Vineet Tiwari 20h
We too want to co-exist by supporting ban on , I fail to understand why then we are made to look as if v r against any religion. R these not basic rights of a woman. 1ce u stand for it u will know hw mch u can co exist
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R. K. Trehan Oct 17
She's really lucky to have chosen a where she can enjoy life with respect, happiness security, and social freedom agst a threatening to marry four n produce 40 clad in unable to enjoy life and get respect. Live like a
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Le Burkistring autorisé sur les plages et les piscines !
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Henk Bakker hebawi Oct 17
Bij mij mogen burkadragers mee reizen meneer . U ook. Ik houd van vrijheid, wat u ook beweert van uzelf en als partij zonder leden. Belangrijkere dingen te doen dan onzinnige weigeringen, intolerantie.
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WorldPeace 🚜🚜🚜🚜💪 Oct 9
Thanks we disaprove we do NOT want this!
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GlobalVoices Español 10h
Controversia sobre el en Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, De
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Mauricio Aguayo 19h
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activinews 6h
Schaut mal in unseren Schwesterkanal rein "Mit der Burka durch Afghanistan" -e-Sharif
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ana estevan 16h
Mira el “VALIENTE” exigiendo e imponiendo, con su y la dando una lección a todos, desde el diálogo y respeto Olé por ella !!
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Dessaigne-Lambert 16h
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botteQ Oct 17
Replying to @SANDRAFREYB
...etc... 🇫🇷 😍🦞 ! SVP ! Comme en libérez les femmes❗️
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stba Oct 17
Quelle histoire pour un chiffon sur la tête !! moi je suis pour le port du et autres ! en effet, cela permet de faire apprécier aux français l'invasion contre laquelle ils auraient pu voter dès les années 80 ! mais non, ils ont voté comme des cons (veaux) ! ......
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Víctor El Facho Oct 15
Y me extraña qué no llevara La Reina el 12O
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Tammo Seppelt Oct 14
Mit habe ich kein Problem aber ne -Frau mag ich nicht. Hier laufen jetzt wieder welche rum. Gruselig.
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