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Kathy Rodgers Nov 14
Replying to @dbongino
Continues to piss me off.....
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John Hungate Nov 14
Replying to @MattJonesRadio
Again stand in your wrongness!!! Our troops were sent to stop an invasion from criminals trying to bypass our laws and come into our country! Thank God for our troops that they are not having to stop the invaders!!!
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Eric Grassey Nov 14
is doing a GREAT job!!!
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Hunting Fishing #AmericaFirst🇺🇸 Nov 13
Then and save America
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Ellen Viveiros Nov 14
Enter legally or turn around.
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matt boley Nov 18
Funny how the citizens of Mexico are holding anti-caravan rallies and referring to the illegal immigration, that has now occupied their country, as an invasion. Oh and they support building a wall on their southern border. I wonder where we've heard that before.
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King_Zalost 1h
Call this shit what is the left gonna say now? The caravan is full of innocent women and children or it isnt real I hope handles them accordingly
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Seven Wonders Nov 18
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Best President Ever ♥️🇺🇸
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Indian_Republican 13m
The Democrats say funding the wall is waste of money. I call them penny wise and pound foolish.
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Kevan Nov 18
How the left sells lies. all three never bought tickets....
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Hollywood Woman For Trump MAGA 2020🇺🇸🇸🇪 24m
Mexicans wants their president to be like president Trump and protect their borders !!! I sincerely hope this is a wake up call for the Hispanics who call our president racist
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SassyTallBlonde 💋 43m
If Tijuana doesn’t want you, then you probably suck. Mexico: homicides up 16% in 2018, breaking own records for violence.
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♥B♥B♥  ♓ #29K 5h
Follow ALL Turkeys I eat the pumpkin pie first and if I have room I go back for turkey dressing & moms sweet potatoes STOP the Invasion Caravan
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TheNinjaIsBack Nov 18
Replying to @Tweets4DJT @lwallace45
This illegal just wanted a job and a brighter future🙄 I say hang him from the wall!
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t.b.a. Nov 18
this is an invasion of Toxic Male Masculinity! The Misogynistic Patriarchies of other countries are here.
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Jean Quinn Nov 16
Oh please! You don't have a clue. If we want to keep our country OF COURSE it's our right, not Enrique's, not Mexico's to decide if this is an invaasion, WHICH IT IS. Go away.
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King_Zalost Nov 18
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Jameskinder68 Nov 18
Refugees my ass! Asylum my ass! Women and children my ass! These are paid invaders and America must not allow it. . ..
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QQ  ® Nov 14
Replying to @CypressRozay
because Americans are dreamers too remember you told me that
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rps 2h
Good fences make fer good neighbors!
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