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Peter Bulkley 10h
In the Puritan society, the most wealthy and respected people can participate in Government and only church goers can vote. And as you may have guessed, we're pretty conservative. 🧱🧱
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donna maga!! (⭐️) Sep 1
If we cut off the benefits for illegals it discourage some but drugs are to lucrative and will continue to come across the boarder.
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Sacha Baron Cohen Aug 28
.: Washington Needs a New Sheriff in Town. I need your support, Arizona. Get out and vote, August 28 so we can and support our agenda.
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S.Michael Basly Sep 13
Show Your Support with a "Build The Wall" Tee. Keep America Great! Original Dual Print, Unisex Heavy Cotton TShirt. In 8 Sizes & 12 Colors. from $17.95
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brainiac19500 11h
Keep illegals out & keep usa from being a #%%^ hole country. Thx Pres...keep.up. the great work!!! Thank God
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Brett Mosley Sep 15
Replying to @NevadaJack2
This is the true foreign interference in our elections, and we must make sure that it never happens again.
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Elizabeth Anne Middleton Sep 7
Crossing at the Mexico/US border. It's an invasion.
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iAMthedanger Sep 15
We need to - around the Border Patrol.
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Susan Taylor Aug 30
Replying to @CynthiaNixon
Why are you wanting to reward criminals? People who cross the border illegally are criminals.
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Fred G. Sanford Sep 15
Replying to @AP
To keep Mexico safe
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Pet Sitting USA Aug 23
Round 'em up, send 'em all back where they came from along with their legal primos that never blow the whistle on these scumbags then...
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Ahmad Sep 15
Makes me so mad people made the Rolf meme into a black man smh black peoples ruin everything
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❌ Follow The Law: Build The Wall!‼️ Aug 31
Celebrate the Hands that Built America at via
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Ian Sep 6
Why does everybody get a wall but us?
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Melvin Kindall Myles Sep 16
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I think you got something there, look at all the crimes that have been pled guilty to by your former friends. Maybe we do need that wall, and put you and the rest of your followers on the other side of it.
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Roy Crombie Aug 24
So our tax $ will support him in prison and the babby momma and the kid.
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SurviveInTodaysWorld Sep 10
Replying to @ksorbs @2Thedogpound
Illegal Aliens should all be deported along with their entire family NOT, I repeat NOT given free anything .. from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico
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Oscar Jurgens Sep 12
Why doesnt d*nald tr*mp simply build a wall AROUND the hurricanes?!?!? This is why we need a true blue Democrat in office and not any of this soft ball republican “support”!!!
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Chopper220 Sep 8
Replying to @ksev1 @Frank22556 and 3 others
The Constitution obviously isn't your strongest subject...
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Keith 1h
Replying to @charliekirk11
Most really , they can trace their own history when their families came to America. But they don't want this policy not just about the money It's about , their own , and
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