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Michael Johns Apr 12
How exactly is it "punishment" when officials from these same cities have said repeatedly that are welcome and make their cities stronger and better? Guess that rhetoric collapses when it meets reality?
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Karen R. 4h
Replying to @TomFitton @mschlapp
Our tax dollars hard at work...
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Charles Rediculons Apr 23
across that bridge!
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Catherine Coblentz 9h
Travel to Guatemala. What’s the one major thing you notice around nearly every home: a wall. With glass on top! Why? Because they are afraid of what their neighbors will do to them.
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Amy Kremer Apr 7
Governor , has a crisis going on at the southern border & u are missing in action. It is time you assist & our Fed Govt in making your state & our country safe.🇺🇸
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Ray 16h
414,000 apprehensions YTD at our southern border...heavily armed smugglers at the border...the largest caravan estimated at 10,000 heading our way...yet it’s not a crisis
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dgurley Apr 17
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
Wow all women and children I see! 🤦‍♀️
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Sean&Monica 11h
Replying to @RepDanCrenshaw
So true! We need immigration reform, border security () & more immigration judges ASAP!!
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iamboingist Apr 23
or take your pick!
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Jon Savage Apr 22
Walls only work if you build them. Don’t talk, DO!
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PamBiller Apr 23
And there’s no crisis at the border?
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DamnTheTorpedo’s 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇹 14h
Replying to @dscc
Yes I fully support him. The only national Emergency is on the southern boarder.
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C Stearnes Apr 17
Replying to @elpasotimes
Hmmmm no wall no slowing them down now. CBP can’t be everywhere all the time.
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Senator Dick Black Apr 17
Democrats say there is no crisis at the border while Arizona declares a State of Emergency over surge of illegal aliens pouring into our country.
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Mark Haulsee Apr 23
Replying to @Pink_About_it
And the city council is contemplating a $10 charge to drive down Lombard Street. Reservations required! Maybe that money will go to clean up the poop. Or maybe into the campaign coffers?
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Tucker Furner Apr 22
Replying to @anniekarni @AnnCoulter
Glad to see our nations youth understands the importance of strong borders, can’t say the same for millennials, more focused on how many genders they can identify with
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#rolltodd Apr 21
Replying to @CBP
quality individuals.
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Sav Apr 22
We need to build the wall in the South Boarder. There are bring in Drugs and illegal.
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Spring⛳Mike🍺HTFU 11h
maybe this can stop and use the money to build a Big Wall!
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strongvoice Apr 14
Where do you want them to go? We don’t have enough room for everyone who wants to to be here. Put your money where your mouth is or
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