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Redbarron Jun 12
This is why California has been welcoming illegals with open arms and providing them a sanctuary. Does this and the human feces on the streets make you a proud California voter/citizen?
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LadyMAGA2020 Jun 12
This should infuriate every single sane American!!! 😠👎
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LadyMAGA2020 Jun 8
The Dumbocrats don't want Americans to know this! It's happening right now! Watch for yourself!
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lorynnalexa Jun 11
Replying to @CNN @realDonaldTrump
Thank you for being a great president
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《☆ Adam ☆》 Jun 13
Telling Trump that he can't build something is like telling Mozart that he can't play piano. Even has it's own wall to keep out illegal . We need to finish the wall.
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KellyFJeremy Jun 14
Replying to @GOPLeader
We need to spend less time making it comfortable for the invaders. And spend more time preventing them from invading our country.
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Stephen P. Hall Jun 9
. Think of all the money the government could bring in to BUILD THE WALL, if more employers of illegal workers were more aggressively prosecuted! Eliminate the main reason these folks break into the USA and the crowds will get smaller.
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KellyFJeremy Jun 12
If we dont build it they will come!
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Albert Rotti 3h
Replying to @SenSchumer
They are here ILLEGALLY! Chuck! Not Trumps fault that you refuse to secure the border!
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Anthony DiPaolo Jun 12
I believe that only legal United States citizens should count. 🇺🇸
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Evan Haston Jun 15
Just a reminder for those who think a wall is racist. Congress needs to stop being scumbags and Teen girl beheaded after seeing grandmother killed in cemetery: cops via
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Dylan Freeman Jun 14
I WAS a Democrat - until I found out that my great-great-great-great grandfather died in Mexico
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Teen Eagles Jun 14
We understand why Dems, RINOs and the Swamp want open borders. It's sure not . ?
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Jeff McArdle Jun 15
Replying to @CoryBooker
We do it to American children everyday...So what do you think happens to a child when a parent or both parents commit a crime like Breaking and entering? The child is separated from the parents.illegals should all know by now what will happen to them..
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Life is Great Again 5h
🚨🚨African migrants are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border in record numbers in the government they’re them Hiding them illegals
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Dean Rosario Jun 13
Canadian team wins the NBA. 🤔
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Good Patriot Jun 15
Replying to @KamalaHarris
Because nothing says "America, hard work & integrity" like rewarding people that proudly break laws with the gift of US citizenship. Way to go, Kamala. I'm sure the people that waited years & sacrificed everything to come here legally will be thrilled.
Reply Retweet Like, Inc. Jun 15
With your support, , Inc. will be able construct and build a new tennis smart wall in a local neighborhood for athletes to hit a ball against a backboard and practice on their own.
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VeryUnfairFakeTrump Jun 14
Very unfair of the failing New York Times to publish this photo. Fake news! The media want you to think I hate babies. I love babies! The US has the very cutest babies! Please don't bring babies around me.
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Todd Lyon Jun 14
Replying to @TheRaDR @AOC
Gosh if there was only some way to stop all these people from crossing our border illegally and overwhelming our system where we have to keep finding new places to hold them while we process them.
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