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Tracy Beanz Aug 8
Replying to @ChadPergram
So we just cut the damn entitlements. And I’m sure he’s offsetting with the complete slow down of illegal immigration
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Gavin Rollins Aug 6
We can’t allow illegal immigration to undermine the foundations of our country. I’ll support our President in building the wall and protecting our American sovereignty.
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TheMusicmen Aug 3
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CQRI 🎈 Aug 8
Replying to @_montoni
Fact #90: Why we NEED the Wall. I hate that people think this is about racism. This is about knowing who is coming here, what they're bringing, and keeping people on both sides of the border safe.
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Fed Up Republican 3h
Trump did , but not in the way he thought he would.
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Danielle Angell 12h
Did I mention the officer who had a top saying on whilst he was working?!
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Save Democracy! Aug 8
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Confess Donald, you got this idea from the great Democratic Congressperson Geraldine Ferraro back in the 1980s, right?
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Jorge Bedolla Aug 7
Oh the irony. Canada might as well build a big beautiful on its southern border to keep out unwelcome visitors. .
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Desert Jesus Aug 6
So what happened to ? We’ve gone from holding hands across the world, to don’t touch me you’re gross! You know the world is giving a reason to . Imagine how crazy this will get if Trump closes America off to the rest of the world.
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Cory Bridgmon 13h
Replying to @CNN
I don’t believe this story, but could you imagine the libs’ reaction when they started to chisel his face in that mountain? 🤯😂 and
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James C Gregory 7h
of needs to teach our Congress how to protect this country. 1 STOP listening to foreigners. 2 we have enemies within and abroad 3 Send xenophobic packing along with these American hating radicals.
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Young Conservative Brothers Aug 8
The wall is going up faster then pedo joe can put a complete sentence together.
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Lawtrepreneur Aug 8
American exceptionalism in action.
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Aakash Raut 9h
For YEARS, there’s been racism in US immigration policy by THOSE IN FAVOR OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and programs like DACA. ‘Proximity prejudice’ favors Latin Americans and discriminates against Asians & Africans: !
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Justin Phillip Aug 8
He did it!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😆 • @ The White House
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Jim Renacci 16h
Illegal immigration depresses the wages of American workers and endangers national security. !
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Tony Aug 2
try building the wall like this next time it should keep people out.
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🥋 2h
Replying to @benshapiro
doesn’t matter winning people 🗳 is what count’s
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MJ 3h
Maybe...just maybe...some of those ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ accounts that follow 10,000 people and have 10,000 followers and retweet 100s of times a day aren’t real people??? I mean, that would be crazy wouldn’t it ??? 🤔
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Deliberate_vibrations 4h
right around America. No other country wants to deal with all crazy-ass backwards bullshit.
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