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handicappedRepublican Jun 16
Disabled people are being hurt by the Democrats by letting illegals use Medicaid and taking away funding for citizens who truly need it.
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Michael Johns Jun 10
Illegal aliens crossing southern as contrived "families"--and sometimes with communicable diseases:
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Nikolas Ford Jun 14
Replying to @cnnbrk
First they sneak in drugs and now diseases
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Kevin Sorbo Jun 16
68 people were killed in mass shootings in 2018. Did you know that about 2000 were killed by illegal aliens? Just saying. Build the wall.
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Benita Dodd Jun 16
Word's out Record number of African migrants coming to Mexican border
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Global Politics Today Jun 15
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@tcole7 16m
Replying to @CBSNews @WVU1476
We could take that money and help
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Michael Johns 19h
"In one recent week, agents in the Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector stopped more than 500 African migrants found walking in separate groups along the arid land after splashing across the Rio Grande, children in tow.":
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Frank Rizzo 10h
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Ismail 🌍 2h
Replying to @arwizzy @AhmedHHS7
Don’t forget here! Dying in border!
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The Guy Who Vines On Twitt'r Jun 13
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Farnesworth🇺🇸#TRUMP2020🇺🇸 Jun 16
👍🏼🇺🇸👍🏼 DemRats resist working w/POTUS 24/7; paranoid conservative standards set the clock back to 1954... yet it's DemRats who embrace Antiquated Shariah Laws; for votes? Hey DemZzz... POTUS has FULL POWER to close down our borders to protecting the US. NOT YOU.
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Liv Crawford 10h
A friend sent this to me on Snapchat earlier today from Houston. Train is heading south towards the border. This is so ironically un-American. ?
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Suzanne Dayton 33m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
No war! Drain the swamp by purging your administration of Neocons and deep state players. You have surrounded yourself with the enemy. You're under attack by your own ppl, don't be fooled. Get control of the gov!
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Ross Kecseg 10h
Crowd chanting . Never gets old.
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Karol Wojtyla 10h
“The wall is under construction “ lmfao
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Lori Kearney 2h
Replying to @The_Trump_Train
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Ty Webb 20h
Replying to @AOC
I call it unnecessary if you just
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Juergen Van Dijk 13h
How in the world the Democrats can sleep at night and call themselves Americans? It is beyond my comprehension. Compassion? They have no compassion to their own children let alone anyone else kids. NO Democrats HAVE NO Compassion and Love 4 us. , , ,
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LMGray 12h
Damn those drugs sure are pouring over the Philadelphia border, amirite?
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