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Windsor Brokers 19h
accelerated higher in US trading on Wednesday, boosted by profit taking from last week’s fall and solid UK inflation data. The m..., , ,
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ᴀʟɢᴏʀɪᴛʜᴍ ᴀʟɢᴇʙʀᴀ Jun 15
The is ending the first half of June on weak footing. Selling pressures began in earnest on Thursday after prominent Brexiteer, and hopeful resident of 10 Downing Street Boris Johnson cruised to an easy victory in the first round of the Tory leadership elections.
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Windsor Brokers Jun 19
is trading within narrow range in early European session and awaiting release of UK inflation data which are expected to provide..., , ,
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Theodore Kekstadt Jun 12
Bulls and Bears are in a tug-o-war range trade.
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and European closed in the green on Monday, as investors foresee the Federal Reserve leaving funds rate unchanged at a policy meeting. fell amid rising concerns about next PM Boris Johnson could put Britain on a path towards a no-deal .
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Cristina Jun 18
The is known as in many countries including Brazil. This will make things very confusing. Can the stop using the name of its currency?
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Eryq WT Jun 18
One should trust the market and the market doesn’t want or . That can be seen by the decline of the
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Anthony Rizal Jun 11
The reached 1.2730 and as I predicted before, I suppose that in case of 1.2750 breaching, the long signal will be activated. The strong bullish movement is a positive sign.
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Windsor Brokers Jun 18
remains in red and extends weakness into fifth straight day on Tuesday, hitting the lowest levels since 03 Jan. Pound is weighed..., , ,
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Windsor Brokers Jun 12
maintains positive tone from Tuesday’s upbeat UK earnings figures and weak dollar and extends advance in early European trading o..., , ,
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Windsor Brokers Jun 17
is holding in narrow consolidation above 31 May low at 1.2559 on Monday, following strong bearish acceleration on Friday, sparked..., , ,
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Windsor Brokers Jun 14
stands at the back foot on Friday, holding in red for the third consecutive day, weighed by rising expectations that Boris..., , ,
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Windsor Brokers Jun 11
is in directionless mode in early Tuesday’s trading, holding within tight range between converging 20/10SMA’s (1.2692/1.2671 res..., , ,
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TradersAsset Jun 11
The is showing a slump against the after data revealed worse than anticipated contraction of the economy. Boris Johnson is showing strong support in his quest to be appointed the next Prime Minister.
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Forex Trading Plans 16h
Replying to @forextradeplans
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CurrencyBuzzer Jun 19
Latest rate of US Dollar to British Pound ( USD to GBP ) USD/GBP is 0.79 . . check updates on this url
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, US-based project is developing of major : , ,, and .The question that begs an answer is what is the need for fiat currencies masked as cryptocurrencies.
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Stockwatch Jun 12
1.2690 GBP/USD (0.7880) 1.1224 GBP/EUR (0.8909) 1.2618 GBP/CHF (0.7925) 137.4500 GBP/JPY (0.0073) 1.6899 GBP/CAD (0.5918) 2019-06-13@06:30UTC
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Stockwatch Jun 11
1.2725 GBP/USD (0.7859) 1.1219 GBP/EUR (0.8913) 1.2605 GBP/CHF (0.7933) 137.8900 GBP/JPY (0.0073) 1.6907 GBP/CAD (0.5915) 2019-06-12@06:30UTC
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Stockwatch Jun 10
1.2677 GBP/USD (0.7888) 1.1198 GBP/EUR (0.8930) 1.2555 GBP/CHF (0.7965) 137.7600 GBP/JPY (0.0073) 1.6807 GBP/CAD (0.5950) 2019-06-11@06:30UTC
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