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Rod Guy 21h
He’s Watching Filly X The Queens Portrait. Hopefully that speed will only increase!
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Pup Archer Nov 16
Reconnected with a nasty verbal pig this week. His boyfriend was away and he needed a good sub to throat fuck, pound out and breed his pent up loads into. Gave me a much needed challenge and two big loads deep in my hole
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TopMostShop 2h
If inbreeding act defines species, it cant create new species & Cross cant occur how evolve
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Ivone de Bem Oliveira Nov 18
Great presentation about genomics and phenomics applications for sweet corn breeding
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DM Nov 16
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Jenna's Lewdbox Nov 14
Anyone else ever see a cute girl and think "Damn, she'd look even cuter pregnant?"
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zombossjoey Nov 12
Shameless villagers sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
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