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TraceyStreet 12 May 16
ACTING student offered a place at East 15 Acting School - very proud of you Mr C 👏👏😃😃
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Stuart Walton Feb 7
Just finished reading ’s autobiography “Who Am I, Again?” and bloody loved it. Really hope he writes a follow-up to fill us in on the 80s onwards. Top man and from the Black Country, too!
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YamYam Scrooge 11 Dec 16
Replying to @BlackCountryPub
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Mark Hodgson 11 Jul 14
are supporting Black Country Day
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Martin Johnson Apr 13
Replying to @UprightSpeedway
Yes you should, it’s about a mile from me
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Alison Dawn Byatt 12 Sep 13
Reckon you shouldn't miss this
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Gareth Coleman 13 Mar 15
Cheltenham festival then Wales vs Ireland :)
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FriendsHadenCrossInn🇬🇧 16 Jul 16
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(((Ian Blackham))) 8 Apr 17
Black Country Living Museum
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Adam Williams 26 May 11
Replying to @FrankSkinner
do u acctualy tweet ne thing other than plugging this grimney. All i can think of is the grimleys
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YamYam Scrooge 2 Dec 17
Replying to @MrsWobbitt
Am yow urroyte me wench...oy ay ovvin no appy crismuss....mind yow arv gorra new rajinj uv wenchiz perfyume med frum speshull ingreediunts that yow will loyke are shewa...
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Andy Hornby 11 Nov 13
Much better than "How Northern Are You?"
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Kevin Evans 7 Jun 14
Replying to @MrPeterAndre
hey Pete, try and learn the local lingo???
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YamYam Scrooge 22 Dec 17
Replying to @aBlonde_Moment
Oy ay got non uv them jimjams fings but arm on me beer me wench
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Ironbridge_AAC Nige Jul 3
Replying to @RealYamYamBloke
Arm ovvin one unnall me mon 👍 🍺
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The Bearded Postman 3 Jun 12
Going to the black country museum tomorrow
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YamYam Scrooge 29 Nov 17
Replying to @YamYamscrooge
. Yow lot sid mar new speshull product whot at interjewssed terday
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Mike Wooldridge 12 Jul 14
Replying to @nethertonboy1
ta owr mon - same to yow
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tim haskey🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 6 Sep 18
Love it when the text comes and says me donation has been used local
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YamYam Scrooge 9 Dec 16
That Adriun Bloomberg is a bostin chap ay ee arr chune in on me woyliss evry day in Duglay
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