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Peter Philips Nov 18
Replying to @IanByford2 @NSoames
Where is the coward of all cowards? what a joke. Boris is a joke.
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Rɪᴄᴋ Fᴀɴᴅᴀɴɢᴏ Nov 19
Replying to @RickFandango
let's rip 🤣👍👏 2 - , bless her, just got that job by default. running around with his stupid haircut spouting b******s.
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Andrew_S_Hatton Nov 19
Replying to @GayToryJon
Ridiculous it was an abuse of public funds to buy equipment that it was illegal to use - there should be some sort of electoral sanction on people like authorising such a purchase
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🚇WhistleBlower Nov 19
A B C - I have a venue for a talk. G J B the true story about the threats to kill .
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Alia Batuba Nov 19
3 watercanons bought by bungling have been sold for scrap metal with a loss of £300000.00 Absolutely shameful 🙈
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angie 12h
If you doubt this, suggestion U tweet , Ed. of , known for his ethical reporting. Have proof from Dominic Lawson re. immigration. johnson I advise you to stop spouting untruths.
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Toxic Lemon Nov 19
will bear the cost not just of policies but most of all of ineffectiveness! This illegal purchase was done on current members watch who were unable to stop it! Toothless, purposeless, wasteful org costing taxpayers money
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Liam Cullen 11h
Given that he was such a key figure in the Leave Campaign, why doesn't step up and take on the role of Brexit Secretary?
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Call Me Cynical Nov 19
Boris johnson's unusable water cannons sold for 300k loss. Never mind let's persecute some more benefit claimants.
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Steve #Remain Nov 19
Perhaps the will need a water cannon to get out of number 10 - now, where did leave his?
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Gareth Birdsall Nov 18
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DoitforBilly 15h
Replying to @Kevin_Maguire
There’s never any consequences for these people. They just do what they like and never have to account for their actions and it’s never their money. Even if he disappeared for good tomorrow he’d still be a millionaire. Parasites the lot of them.
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georgie brendon #FBPE Nov 19
In this whole the people who really piss me off are those politicians - etc - who have sought to further their political careers at the expense of the nation’s future. They will be resented for generations to come...
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Green Poone Nov 19
Boris Johnson's unused water cannon sold for scrap at £300,000 loss via
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Mike Clarke Nov 16
Please tell us it will be OK P.s. when is going to come to our rescue.....?
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sabsc Nov 19
Replying to @LBC
needs to make up the shortfall.
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commonsenseparty Nov 18
No Boris, of all the lies that are currently being peddled, the worst is that somehow you and the Moggies could somehow remedy everything!! Take Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson off somewhere, let your brother speak, you clown
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Vivid Ricky Nov 19
''s Unusable Sold For Scrap At £300,000 Loss To The Taxpayer':
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angie 11h
Boris hasn't told any lies. Bus ad. a suggestion and we are getting the money. £394M pw, MORE than he suggested. went to huge trouble to explain both sides og Ref. ! Highly honourable. johnson
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angie 17h
Disgusting that Remoaners are prepared to destroy freedom, rights of ord. ppl and Democracy. Nothing matters more than those things. We will be like Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other slave nations. johnson vital.
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