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Roger Williams 9h
It's no secret that the Democrats are completely apathetic about . They've fought my Republican colleagues every step of the way. I make border security a priority, because the safety of Americans is my number one priority. Do you agree?
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Amanda Ocasio 31m
. :”We cannot surrender our values & think that we’re going to get .”
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Ami Axelrod 🍑 23h
Can you stop to think for a minute about the Beatitudes, Christians who also support this administration's immigrant policies? Jesus is said to have blessed those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the merciful,(Matt 5:3-7). /1
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Tho she be little, she be fierce 2h
At Busy Southern Mexico Border, No Troops to Be Found: still no sign of the 6,000 troops that the Mexican government said it would deploy! 🤯
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Sheryl Meyer 2h
Replying to @SenBlumenthal
How's that legislation coming?
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Martine 16h
Nobody likes you guy.
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Ginger Boehne 20h
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James Jun 25
Replying to @IngrahamAngle @TheHRH
Time to secure that damn border!!🇺🇸
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Ashley Price Jun 25
In this country you get better treatment as an illegal than you do a veteran. We have homeless vets without care but let’s ignore them for those crossing the illegally.
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asianfortrump Jun 23
Replying to @AOC
You are the modern day racist
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Stefanie Smallhouse Jun 24
So what's the difference between my spending Monday morning shoveling my wheels/axles out of the sand AND a Monday advocating Congress? Not much. Except with a little common sense and hard work I didn't have to walk home.
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Mark Messer 6h
Democrats, just hot air machines of hate and discord
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BTI Institute 8h
Dr. Kakadiaris discusses his project involving the detection of human presence by trail cameras during the BTI Institute 2019 Annual Meeting.
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Crazy Canuck 8h
Replying to @ArashMadani
🤫 you’re in the US and don’t want agents to lock you up 🤔
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Iman Jun 24
I visited the Southern Border on the limits of CA 2 weeks ago. As I approached the wall to look at the structure of the wall thoroughly I saw its barbed wire, voltage stamps, and double bodied separate me and the Mexican children playing on the beach.
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Great weather for building a simulated outdoor land border! The PROTECT team are setting up in Kętrzyn.
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terry hale Jun 23
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Admire the effort but it will be fruitless
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Naomi Fitness Design 14h
and Obama? But wait....we all thought that was pro illegal immigration?
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Towns And Chambers 55m
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S Thomas 7h
Hey Chuck-the chaos at the border is caused by your encouragement of people to cross into U.S. illegally!
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