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dan caruso ➕ Feb 26
Spending some time reading the Smalcald Articles because the only way to preach and teach in accordance with Scripture and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church is to actually study them. &
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The1517Society Apr 25
📺 Happy Friday Eve! Here is tonight's exciting, action-packed, episode of The Literary Lutheran Reads the Book of Concord! 😂
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Lou the Lutheran Dec 6
Martin Luther on the Apostles’ Creed
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Karl Jun 17
The battle I'm having with makes me wonder about his subscription in the and the .... for you, my friend? Lolz!
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The LCMS Feb 12
Here's a challenge. Anyone out there know of a chart like this that traces the history of Lutheran church bodies back to Luther? Or at least to 1580?
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Michael Frost Jun 15
Replying to @jzks316 @ELCA
And we will be using all of them in worship tomorrow (admittedly as a responsive confession of faith rather than a unison one). It is the 3rd of the ecumenical creeds mentioned in the () and the Statement of Faith as “true declarations of the faith”
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Michial Brown May 10
Replying to @Lex_Lutheran
From my experience in just about every denomination, confessional Lutheranism stands apart for the clearest and most consistent commitment to the centrality of the cross and Christ in law and gospel teaching, preaching, practice and worship.
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