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Setu Aug 6
When a camera’s flash bounces off the blood vessels in your eyes, it shows up as red-eyes in the photograph. Keep other reasons for red, tired and strained eyes at bay, with Setu Eye Max, your .
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Akshay Sharma Jul 11
Here’s me kicking and slaying it like my action idol in my version of the . You guys should also give it a try. And if you want healthy joints, use Turme Rich like me. It’s truly my
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Setu Aug 2
Your mobile screen is exposing you to harmful blue light that can damage your retinas. Setu Eye Max strengthens your eyes helping them filter blue light better & navigate your digital traffic seamlessly.
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Setu Aug 8
The Bilberry extract contained in Setu Eye Max is your friendly neighbourhood hero that protects your eyes from blue light exposure and promotes healthy eye and retinal function.
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