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hunglondontop 7h
arranging to meet a guy and he's not sure cos he thinks my bod pics might be fake. I said "seriously mate, if I was gonna send you fake pics I'd send pics of someone in much better shape!" 😆
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Lex✨ 20h
PSA: When asking a girl on a date, do not say “we can watch a movie at my place.” I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. YOUR. HOUSE. I. DO. NOT. KNOW. YOU.
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Ned Parker-Collins 4h
Hello liberal friends. Please treat my page/posts as your : I will anyone with different opinions!
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Wokebot 13h
Replying to @rutger_
Taking up so much space. Wegwezen.
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4thMoneyChaseⓂ️🤑⛹🏾‍♂️ 2h
I’m doing way better..❌🧢
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vriendje_van 4h
Replying to @vriendin_van
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Captain of the Dead Sexy 5h
Replying to @RussTop3Ever
That requires a 😉
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Amanda McKnight 20h
It seems she wanted a fight by attempting to twist words, so buh-bye to her. Negative energy...I don't need that.
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real_sgafan 2h
Replying to @charlotteirene8
You just did. For free. ;)
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Checks & Balances 19m
"", I think those were words describing himself. Seems he wants compliance, it's "his way, or the highway". The only time you have a say, is when it's time to , otherwise any debates/disagreement is "fighting" & he'll or you.
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ℳason ωant Oct 10
Replying to @MasonWant
How do I people?
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Walt Griffin 6h
👍👊The word of the day is
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Natalee555 18h
Replying to @KawasakiKR11 @sbalatan rehab is lots of work and we'll balanced life...☯️😁... I feel sorry for you, so much hate in yr 💙 👻
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odstricci 4h
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Linux SCSI 1h
Re: [PATCH, RFC] ubd: remove use of blk_rq_map_sg
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kikiz 4h
Just Pinned to How to lose weight fast - weight loss: Universal Bamboo Knife Block, HANZIUP Slotless Wood Knives Holder Storage Stand,
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Cousin_Vinny 4h
276.15 from Friday AH are trading now 500ksize increments
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angela kamp 9h
You might be able to talk down to me but trust me when I say this ; I know I am doing 10000 times better then you . #besure ❤️🖤
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@RegularEd 12h
Replying to @ScientologyTV
You know what rhymes with “ cuckoo clock”? Yep, that’s right...
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Andrew Scott 14h
's Paul Haywood chats to Proactive as well-workover program begins
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