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RusDids29 Aug 17
Type in in twitter search while your at it. Looks to me theirs a mass exit of African Americans leaving the Democratic Suppressive party. Last poll i read yesterday 51% African Americans and 51% Mexican Americans support trump. Ut oh, what yall hoing to do?? Lol
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Hollie Bishop Levins Aug 15
Replying to @TalbertSwan
Get over yourself. Find a different platform. You get all the money for holding your people down. Reverend, psshhh. Hope people don’t base their hope in Jesus by following you. I’d run. All you preach is hate.
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Understanding Liberals Aug 16
Replying to @CoryBooker @GOP
This is idiotic. Ever hear of or ? People are onto the democrats scheming ways and you can count on losing votes not due to suppression but due to people waking up and voting with the
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Terry Pickl Aug 21
The Old Guard is going down. We live in a new era of politics,business, and media. This opens up huge opportunities for people to create and live their dreams. Instead of expelling your energy protecting the Old Guard, distance yourself and cast a vision, live your dreams
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Me Aug 17
remember the difference and take action to secure the Future .
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Curt Schilling 1h
They already are. See and
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AmgwanaKikass Aug 19
Replying to @StirlingMorris
Maybe if you study history a little, you would leave the party of slavery, racism and hatred. If not get a warm soy milk and chill.
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Jan Aug 20
Replying to @KamalaHarris
Oops. Your poll numbers tanked again.
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Chris P. Chips 🦒 Aug 16
This dumdum has no idea how many gays are conservative, many more are openly supporting Trump today too. The movement w/ is getting as much traction as does with At least Trump has a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality!
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Bubba 13h
No one on the left thought the Electoral College was "racist" when Oboma won 2 elections. What's changed all of a sudden ?!?
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worleyglobalbiz Aug 20
Replying to @DavidJHarrisJr
My hubs played in the NFL. He stood/stands for the 🇺🇸. Period. Hey, Cap - how 'bout "protesting" the fatherless generation epidemic: the root cause of ALL black community issues. But, tell your buddies to do it OFF the field. Y'all's own time; y'all's own dimes. Do that.
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Gwen B Aug 20
Replying to @darren04
I think the last sentence was the most accurate. The Left has a vested interest in perpetuating the victim mentality because they purport to be the champion of victims. Nevertheless, people are finally realizing that their actions don't match their words. Hence, .
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Shane Kirschner Aug 19
Actually it largely has to do with Democrats keeping Black People dependent upon the Federal Government & the Welfare System. That’s how they’ve convinced them to keep voting for them year after year.
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Mr_Ratings Aug 16
President Johnson used a certain word in place of black people. "I'll have them black people voting Democrat for 200 years" So tell me... How long are you gonna be a part of that trap?
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Twzted_Synapse Aug 21
Imagine being so brainwashed that you sing Happy Birthday to the very people that oppress you!?!
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Inspired Aug 19
Walkaway from the Join the movement
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Michael Simon Aug 19
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NewPraetoriansSeries Aug 21
Replying to @RealCandaceO
Is Black America jealous? Apparently Trump has been cheating on them by taking time off hating them and becoming the "greatest anti-Semite"...ever. When does the man sleep? Does Trump's super powered hate beam every run out of energy? Loony Lefties are curious.
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Smirking Cowboy Nationalist Aug 21
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