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Dominic Marley Mar 16
Anyone watched ? Worth a watch?
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Bryce Edward Brown Mar 17
I'm just gonna come out and say it... I loved The Waldo Moment.
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️🎶 Malinda 🎥 Mar 15
Every time I watch the episode Nosedive (S3E1) I wonder how long it's going to take to go THAT far.
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CRS: ☂️Academy Valedictorian👩🏾‍🎓🤘🏾✨ Mar 18
Replying to @wordyblerd
Kelly Amy Nanette Yorkie
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Alucard64 Mar 20
I can't really point why or where but the ad gives me a certain vibe.
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💖Kris-Windy City VAD💖 Mar 21
Ever since I watched episode there’s a little part of me that’s afraid to ridicule or insult politicians or notorious people on social media. Does anyone else feel that way? 😬
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Craig Berry Mar 18
Three episodes into and I'm very intrigued. Its like a CGI animated
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whatsupfuckers Mar 17
This is going to sound insane, but please, bear with me. Also, there will be spoilers, probably even for those who've been through most of the endings. if you Don't want spoilers, watch the whole thing without making any choices.
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Teresa 10h
Replying to @TopheeCoquia @netflix
I feel you man. A friend of mine said I should give it a shot. So I’ve stuck on an airport for the past few hours and I’ve been binge watching this. I mean, vibes all the way, too good 💯
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MiguelOCampo Mar 19
WTF with ?!? It is fucking amazing!!! Lo mejor que he visto desde el inicio de
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D.Love 8h
So I was tipsey watching “Us” then noticed my IG was messed up ....I thought something was finna happen to me 😂
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Anne Terri Mar 21
Replying to @ikkegoemikke
It may be a good idea, but I was not able to participate on our TV Netflix. It may have broken the momentum of . I'd be careful on this one, and get everything in gear first.
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Christian Tyler Mar 21
is there a specific reason you chose not to make the in black and white, to distinguish itself from similar shows like ?
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Greta Mar 16
is literally the new YES NETFLIX!!
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Nishant Mishra 15h
♥️❌🤖 is dystopian fiction at its amped up best. Just the thing to watch before comes back.
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Sean Ree 5m
Bots have already nearly taken over twitter. What happens when the same thing happens to physical reality?
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Gabriel Moody 🥝 Mar 20
To anyone that likes , watch . Can’t recommend it enough.
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Amanda-Jade Channer Mar 19
Some shit 😳
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camille 23h
Replying to @sesamoidstreet
Same! It's pretty bleak form of entertainment
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Wookie Mar 19
Replying to @JiveTurkey600
U dont buy it, it buys you.
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