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CoinGeek Jun 18
The will allow attendees to live in a space where everything uses for a week. Think of all the exciting possibilities!
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$kenshishido 6h
So true. Oh, wait. BSV got banned in Binance..
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Rebecca Liggero Jun 20
Not a bad start in Bogotá with & CSW at the Council of Bogotá - the pics speak for themselves...❤️
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If you think you missed out on BTC when it was in the hundreds range, is here to give you a second chance.
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BitcoinSV Train Jun 21
When it happens... don't say you were never warned
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Jason Elliott ⚡️Bitcoin (BSV)⚡️ Jun 22
July 24 2019 — BSV upgrades to 2 GB blocks (Quasar Upgrade) February 4 2020 — BSV upgrades to unlimited size (Genesis Upgrade) Spring 2020 — BSV halvening! Lots of exciting days ahead! Meanwhile the ECOSYSTEM is growing daily.
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Walter White - $BitcoinSV Jun 22
Old meme I created for Bitstagram 😄
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Joakim Holmer 🇸🇪 5h
Another WINz Anarchist youtuber in NZ who gave in. Thanks for the entertainment Larkie😂 - yes please!
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Paola Deni Jun 22
Welcome Colombia!!! Dr. Craig Steven Wright Satoshi Nakamoto the use of bitcoin will be real!!
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Warren Buffett (xrp fan)* Jun 25
I will pump 1 coin today. REPLY with your favorite . Top reply WINS. RT for mass adoption! -Warren B.
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CryptoConky 6h
Replying to @YORK780 @crypto_rand
That chair makes chair look like
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DRIVE Pay Jun 19
Blockchain is transforming cross-border payments. Here's how:
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Joakim Holmer 🇸🇪 3h
♥️🇸🇪 Love Sweden. Trust. Honesty. -Honest.
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$derek518 2h
I owned my first BSV money in the Twetch world, this will never happen in twitter.
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C.J. Jun 23
when will list ? Will they ever list ??
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🐉 19h
For now, I'm just going to let everyone know that I have 20 years in graphic design. I want to design UIUX for BSV apps. Let's go
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$Supun Madushanka ©️ 57m
So I decided to make history today with . If I am not wrong this is the first message written in “Sinhala” embedded in Bitcoin. 🇱🇰 If you haven’t done this already, go ahead and do the same with your own native language.
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Joakim Holmer 🇸🇪 Jun 25
Replying to @CryptoCountant
stupid question. - THINK
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Kanoˢᵛ 16h
I pray for anyone FOMOing into at these prices thinking they are purchasing bitcoin 🙏 📈📉 Sorry HODLRs, 100k+ is a pipe dream.. is
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World Of $GREED 13h
So in this video, makes it clear that is pro-regulation and anti-permissionless. This makes DOA in my opinion.
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