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YAC May 14
Regarding :"We are at the heart here of what is supposed to be protected by human rights and freedoms, that is to say, the protection of minority groups against potential abuses by the majority," "The question is whether we are a society that respects human rights"
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NCCM May 14
Since was tabled, Justice Femme (a women’s advocacy group in Quebec) has recorded more than 40 calls about hate incidents by from hijabi women, including being spat on, attempts to rip off their hijabs, and various forms of cyber-harassment.
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Toula Drimonis May 13
“One trouble with is it not only judges what you wear, but also why you’re wearing it. The government is practically entering into the mind of the person and deciding what they think.” Josh Freed: Nose rings and other contradictions of Bill 21
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Tanveer Naseer May 13
The question is not about which charter is better for Quebec. The question is whether we are a society that respects human rights, or only pays lip service to them - Universite Laval law professor Powerful read on Quebec's discriminatory
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Kathleen Weil May 16
Bill 21: Montreal archbishop fears individual rights will be trampled Msg Lépine, a wise compassionate man adding his voice to all those concerned about the impact of on our fellow Quebecers.
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David Ledden 18m
You recently hosted Premier Legault of Quebec. Are you aware of his policies, particularly those relating to the curtailing of one's freedom to wear religious symbols, such as the kippah? Look into .
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seahorse sister 36m
Leonard Cohen would not want you at any of his openings. How dense can you be not to realize that you are not a friend of Jewish Montrealers who do not want
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Kuperberg Henry May 14
Replying to @journeyheart
"The state must remain neutral regarding religions, not only to ensure every individual’s freedom of religion and conscience but also to prevent discrimination based on religion, a right protected under the Québec Charter." allows discrimination based on religion.
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Qadeer Popal May 16
Reality of . It encourages cowards and Islamophobes. Anyone who tries to forcibly remove a woman's clothes should be charged with sexual assault.
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NCCM May 15
Fatima Ahmed faced a jarring experience yesterday when she was physically attacked in Montreal. We're standing beside her as she stands up & speaks out against & hate. And frankly, we're completely in awe of her courage!
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Robert Leckey 2h
Montreal-based Justice Femme says it has received more reports of hate-fuelled incidents since tabling of
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YAC May 11
Replying to @yacius
promotes religious intolerance "by singling out some religious groups more than others — such as Muslim women ... The bill ... will "legitimize discimination." "The message being received by Muslims ... is that they're not welcome in Quebec"
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McGill University May 14
Opinion | “Our research shows that laws like can have much graver consequences for religious minorities than the specific provisions they entail.” | , in the
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Jane Dyson May 10
I am truly sickened by Quebec's . It is a national embarrassment. Shame on the government of Quebec for this atrocity: be prepared to fight this all the way to the SCC to which this appalling policy will surely go.
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Nicholas Keung 姜巧樂 May 17
“It’s a bill that is fundamentally sexist,” Bouchard said. “It is because the fundamental point of feminism is ‘my body, my choice.’ And this bill is a direct attack on women’s choice and their bodies."
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Qadeer Popal May 14
Reality of 'Abnormal' spike in Muslim women reporting harassment, discrimination after Quebec secularism bill tabled | CBC News
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Jennifer Selby May 14
Bills like this one under debate in QC — purporting to protect women — embolden so much violence against those who are most vulnerable.
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Jennifer Selby May 10
Replying to @jean_carleton
Not only is different from the Charter of Values, and the contexts too, but not all folks who wear religious signs hold the same opinions or experiences.
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Ian Van Haren May 15
Good article by and on the exclusionary effects of . I hope (but am not optimistic) our political leaders will change course and rather aim for a more inclusive Quebec.
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YAC May 17
Sorry, ONLY pretends to be fair but it really targets the most vulnerable & discriminated members of Quebec society who already face huge hateful prejudice so it will make them fear Quebec society more. It already is promoting more prejudice and hate, ghettoizing them.
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