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Brandi.Anne 20h
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Chris Gardner Sep 15
Hey ...did you seriously just play the censored version of Brand New Numb by ? You guys getting soft over there at ? Maybe it’s the PCP?
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Dan Sep 14
is number 15 this week on let’s get it higher!
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spearl69 Sep 13
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sdrmlm Sep 11
Replying to @MKBHD @Slashleaks and 3 others
Aren't the proposals a bit bland?
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spearl69 Sep 10
Replying to @TFIREMUSIC @SXMOctane
I'm All Animal ...All All ... 🤘😈
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I'm gonna sharpen my teeth On every stone you throw I'm gonna tear right through your skin Until I'm breaking every bone.🐯
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Crown The Empire Sep 9
is number 10 on ’s Countdown this week! Thank you so much to all of you who’ve requested and keep wanting to hear our music on the radio! Tweet & let them know you want to keep hearing BLURRY on their station! Let’s get it to number 1...
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kris workman Sep 9
I’ll tweet every to@e you play Bad Listener. Thanks!!!! 💕
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Djentwire Sep 8
more like bignotgooduns 😤😤
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Brady Walleman Sep 8
The Violence by Asking Alexandria should be higher on the countdown.
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