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Steven David 49m
It’s appropriate that I’m watching Groundhog Day and came across this. It is just IMPOSSIBLE to have predicted that cutting revenue and increasing spending would have a negative impact on our economy.
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Rosalina Nov 9
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janice Nov 12
Replying to @MEETVA2000
Independent woman’s voice organization saying why?
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Joint Economic Committee 7h
Pro-growth policies like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have revitalized the economy! Helping the Fed reach its 2 percent inflation target and reduced the risk of recession-induced deflation.
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Roni Moran 🗽 Nov 8
Just wanted to let you know that I spent some time reading your closed rule report. Truly disgusted at the number of blocked amendments under and the It should get wider attention. Hoping for a change. Thank You
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deepspace Nov 4
the big question is do you want a full time job with benefits like for the past year like me or 2 part time jobs at minimum wage like I did many years before that.
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Rep. Steve Scalise Nov 6
4️⃣.5️⃣ MILLION → Jobs added since the election of President Trump. We are in the midst of the longest positive job-growth streak on record.
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6000footdrop Nov 3
Other reasons the public does not trust the government: 1. Quid pro quo corruption, like you and . 2. Gross incompetence, like your shutting down VA, USPTO, etc 3. Flagrant unintelligence, like you borrowing $1.5T, spending it and pretending we're
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ballerinaX 7h
While we await Salt Lake County's final vote count this after noon, a reminder that no, we are not because of GOP tax cuts
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kittencaboodle Nov 9
. , , -- Can you explain how this makes us because it really seems like you mean the American people are
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IWV 5h
“[T]he economy of has lifted up women in a way that we haven’t seen in an extraordinarily long time.” weighs in on the economy.
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TrooperBoot Nov 6
Replying to @bethrow
They’re there to vote Republican.
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dcvelobrew Nov 7
Replying to @HouseGOP
Well, after last night, we all now say !
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Teah Southers 5h
After getting rid of a lot of toxic and fake ass people in my life. I feel like I can finally breathe and I’m honestly happy af.
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female intern Nov 7
Replying to @NamelessRanger
The best slogan they could come up with is and it's so corny
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Mike Bishop Nov 5
. ➡️U.S. workers are seeing the fastest wage increase in a decade, unemployment is at a near 50 year low, and our economy added 250,000 new jobs!
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Shaun Nov 4
Women are winning! ✅ has appointed a record number of women to high-powered positions in the Administration ✅ Women’s unemployment rate is 3.6%—lowest in 65 yrs ✅ 1.6M women-owned businesses—an increase of 2.8%
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NolaTink Nov 6
Replying to @SteveScalise
Hey, Steve. Now that the Dems have taken back the house, I think I'm than I was a few hours ago.
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saumen ray Nov 4
Replying to @HouseGOP the American people and make them . As those people who are sidelined from work in the recession they are again rejoining the work force, the wages are in the increasing scale, tax reform caters a benefit in the lives of hard working families, the communities..
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Carol Ann Witschi Nov 5
Replying to @BarackObama
Americans ARE finally getting their fair shake. There’s no doubt about it, this economy is thriving: ✓ 250,000 new jobs added in October. ✓ 3.7% unemployment -- the lowest in nearly 50 years! ✓ Wages are growing at the fastest rate in nearly a decade.
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