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Adam Smith LL.D. 4h
Replying to @RealSaavedra @nedryun
He's still running.
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Angela Villescaz 3h
Well I can answer that for my shade of color (brown).... is the *only* man in history to have made it possible for a Latina to FINALLY become a U.S. Congresswoman in Texas' history.
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ModusOperendi💁🏻‍♂️ 8h
is all about the ground game! Has been since launch. Building a team of canvassers takes time and money. Beto had one built and ready to go! 🏃🏻‍♂️💨 Most of the rest of em’ are on tv every five mins, that doesnt get you committed caucus goers
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Phillip Irvine 4h
just spitballing here... wouldn't be better served, and better serve the country by running a senate race he can win in 2020 against Cornyn instead of running a presidential campaign he has no chance of winning?
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Jay Surdukowski 5h
Beto comes out swinging at the forum in Texas just now — answers questions directly and with specific and practical policy ideas. 🇺🇸
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Beto For President 4h
Oh...I get it. is a hard act to follow
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Angela Villescaz 1h
I totally trust Black women's opinions. They do their due diligence - and they know that put it all on the line to stand up against racial injustice. We all should do the same!
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Chieftain Obvious 4h
If given the nomination I believe will beat Trump overwhelmingly. He's an inspiring candidate who can unify the party & the country w/his message of inclusivity & he backs it up. He has broad appeal 2 almost all key voter groups w/policy positions 2 back it up
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Paul Quinn College 6h
Did you hear that is the commencement speaker for our ?! Only 10 more days until ! 🎓🐯
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David marek 2h
Is Beto Bailey still a thing? I thought his comic strip was cancelled!
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Lynn Bowen 3h
THIS is why I support . He speaks from the heart about humanity and inhumanity, where we are and where we should be going. The man truly CARES about topics that affect us all, not just the wealthiest 1%.
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Deep Thoughts Shallow Mind 10h
who? His campaign has not developed legs outside Texas.
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Annie Fogarty 5h
I'm capping my candidate pins to these two, so why not collect both? There's room to love more than one, guys! Snag this & pack of 2 pins in my shop now:
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Slowmoto Me 7h
Replying to @TrueFactsStated
I will vote for the democratic candidate that wins the primary. I am a huge supporter however I will support whoever rises to the top.
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Yassa Massa Apr 21
..right... that’s why I’m NOT voting for . That’s more of the same. Another “Law & Order Candidate” I refuse to continue paying for police departments to target my young kids. This policy is opposite of my interests. But, thank you, my view is reinforced with new data!🙂
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ModusOperendi💁🏻‍♂️ Apr 22
Replying to @NateSilver538
Thing is, Petes surge is real. The MSM decided he was favorable to who called them & white male power structure out. They dont like that. 🤷🏻‍♂️Beto and Kamala will have support of POC. Pete will struggle on that score. Once SC starts..Pete will fade. After Spr Tues Pete...🙋🏻‍♂️
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Tulsicore 3h
Despite my differences with , she should not be trailing behind and . The fact that she is reveals alot about the Democratic Party.
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BabyJames 6h
Beto has herpes !!!
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C.S. Ramza 6h
Replying to @iowahawkblog
Probability it was also a station wagon? 85%
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Furries For Beto 10h
Replying to @ArthurSchwartz
A video of prior to getting in his car that night that the world doesn't want you to see!
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