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Bo Wagner 4h
I really hate to brag, but I am polling just as high in the race for President as . I think I’ll start announcing my cabinet members soon...
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Kelly Hopkins Jul 8
not listed as top money-maker in fundraising. Makes my likelihood of voting for him increase. He isn’t courting big money/big donors. Seems interested in people, their thoughts, their concerns. Busting his rear showing up everywhere. I want someone who shows up for me.
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Kody Young Jul 11
So what you’re saying is did his homework.
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nomatatas Jul 14
We live in such a weird timeline ...
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Cynthia Rose Loper 4h
Replying to @nytimes
smart man now back someone else and wait for the next time! Do what your party needs!!!
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princess cherry. Jul 7
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Josh Petty 🎸🎨 Jul 14
My face when revealed he was descended from slave owners.
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Chieftain Obvious Jul 9
THREAD: 1) I'm gonna take a moment to echo what many of my fellow supporters in have said. One reason MSM, Dems and progressives ostracize is because he's demonstrated that he's not going to blindly follow some pre-determined Democratic playbook...
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Chris Rogers ART Jul 14
It’s a bittersweet moment to have my mural featured in this “Washington Post” .
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Sloth 6h
Replying to @jomalleydillon
Jen, the campaign needs a radical shift. It's just not enough to jump on counter-tops & gesticulate with empty hands. Beto needs to start shitting on these counter-tops & fling his shit shouting, "Repent you heathens for being born in a country founded on white supremacy.
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Stella DiMarco Jul 14
Replying to @thehill
We don’t care what you support . You don’t matter. You represent outlaws. There will be no Beto administration. 🤣
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Gwen P Jul 13
I sent this video into the campaign - but I thought maybe it would help lift people’s spirits. Keep the faith! Beto and his amazing staff have experience in keeping their heads down and doing the right thing.
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EnvoyStephanie Jul 13
Great end to the day: answered one of my questions on his livestream and told a lovely story while doing so. Who else wants him to do more end of the day, personal livestreams?
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Tennessee KitKat for Beto Jul 10
I recently lost my job & I'm terrified I'm going to lose my house..So I can't donate right now.. But I *CAN* volunteer, door knock & canvas and show up for until I can donate I'm with
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Kyle Cherry Jul 7
Made a friend today. He says his name is and that he’s running for President. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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The Potato King 14h
I didn’t know Hispanics owned slaves in the U.S.
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Coach Greg Harris 14h
Replying to @adriandt31 @LeahR77
Put that car back where you got it. This statement ends your ride!
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Nick Delgadillo💯 Jul 13
My Unity President in NH New Hampshire For Beto 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Lex Jurgen Jul 14
Watching intentionally seed a story about how his ancestors were slave owners and then judo that into a candidatorial positive for himself is an act of tortured logic so profound it’s worthy of etching on his political tombstone.
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Jay Surdukowski 14h
Beto’s New Hampshire team after his successful whirlwind trip to the first Primary state—great job. 🇺🇸
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