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Asif Halilovic Feb 22
Walls don‘t last. Not then and not now. Just look at the Berlin Wall.
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Empire State Conservatives Feb 19
We break down AOC's ridiculous statement regarding the being the same as the , why both and 's approval ratings are wayyy down, and how 's investment in is a giant disappointment:
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Joe Walker Feb 19
Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has compared Trump's proposed wall to the Berlin Wall. Someone should explain to her that the Berlin Wall was built to keep people IN. And there's a big damned difference - just ask any East Berliner.
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Michael Jacome Innovator Feb 21
Replying to @AOC
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John Adams Feb 16
Replying to @ExtinctionR
We are Russia
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The show must go on Feb 22
Replying to @giles_fraser
Wonder how many east/west Germans agree with this... I reckon zero. Visit any Berlin wall museum and they are full of stories of brave attempts of people trying to reunite with their families.
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Daniel Herrera 24h
Replying to @AKurmanaev
This guy did not saw the video of the being tearing down by the people back in 1989 ... i feel shame for him...
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what is said by allen Feb 17
comparing the to the makes her sound really really stupid to say that
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Jerry Froggett Jan 11
I’ve been to many times, but the history always gets me.
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Georg Schmidt Jan 29
Glad to see that accepted our invitation. We talked about the terror of the Nazi-Dictatorship and rounded up the visit at the remnants. Let us join forces to educate and promote tolerance.
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Bryan Hinckley Feb 16
Anyone else remember the ?
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Godwin Chidiebube C. Feb 11
This Information Minister just struggled through his poorly crafted speech in his home turf. Imagine a government spokesman that has to read from a paper to tell us what his government has achieved in He even refers to as the
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Free Cuba Foundation Jan 14
Replying to @freecubafndtn
Angela Davis backed regime that murdered women & children trying to cross . She turned her back on prisoners of conscience in the East Bloc, who asked for her help, while she backed their oppressors. That is anti-civil rights.
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Smart Conclusion Feb 19
What a lie! The was built to keep people inside. We are living an inversion of values. The more we tolerate it the more it will become the new normal. The House is run by sick people! And normal people will be chained one day and declared sick. Isn't horrible enough?
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Peter Griffin In Random Photos Jan 24
Peter Griffin in front of the .
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Steve Feb 22
Maybe it is because I remember the falling, but if Trump gets his way with his wall, the symbolism would be much larger than the wall itself.
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B Miner Feb 19
Replying to @SarahPalinUSA
Maybe got something, Shoot those trying to escape to Mexico.
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The Wall Net Jan 17
Wallpeckers – from the to the was launched today in Berlin. The digital game raises awareness about the division + conveys facts about divided Germany/divided Korea – with all similarities and differences. Launch in on Jan, 24
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🇬🇭 #AtlasArcher Jan 25
The came down just a few weeks before my 10th birthday, and I remember staying up late to watch the news coverage with my parents. They talked about about it, excitedly, until…
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kyles Feb 16
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Omfg. here we go again
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