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💧VikingFru Nov 15
Replying to @RepStefanik @TGowdySC
Fair? He’s applying the rules changed and set by during the to benefit the Repubs. Are they not so suitable now? Stop your whining.
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Ty Webb Oct 25
You remember the early preparations or the ? No? Because they were conducted in committee and in private.
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jon walz Oct 25
Replying to @BillKristol
In their , over 100 witnesses, only ONE was public: Hillary.
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WatchYourRepsSC 🆘 Oct 24
Jeff hasn't read Trey Gowdy's words outlining the rules for a congressional investigation. It's in the congressional record from the GOP rule change during the . on page 360.
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Craig Ott Oct 22
: The high-tech lynching of Hillary Clinton, view by
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Nat Shupe 24 Oct 15
For all you sheep liberals, all that comes out of Hillary Clinton's mouth is lies..
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jimmy williams Oct 24
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
You realize your Malfoy look-alike Trey Gowdy held dozens of closed door meetings and interviews and depos during the right? Or do you just not give a damn that your blatant hypocrisy makes you look like an idiot? That’s not rhetorical. Get a grip junior.
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Sharon Oct 23
Uh some of your Republican colleagues are in these inquiries and have every opportunity to ask their own questions. Oh and what YOU’RE doing is illegal. Oh and another thing, remember the ? yeah that’s what I thought. Stay in your lane Mooney...
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Bill Oct 23
Remember when stormed Trey Gowdy’s . Neither do I, what I do remember is Darryl Issa grandstanding and being barred from entry to the depositions.
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Sophia A. Nelson Oct 24
This tweet is offensive. The Republicans in 2015 for the wrote the rule for secret or concealed testimony only by Members with clearance on the committees. This just gets worse day by day. What are the hiding on behalf of Trump?
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Mindful Majority 24 Oct 15
Why Angry Old Men Calling a Meeting to Yell at a Woman Is Always a Spectacular Failure
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TC Williamson 24 Oct 15
Elijah Cummings was worthless during the entire hearing.
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Susan Mott 28 Oct 15
Way to go for exposing the largest corrupt super pac - the media protecting the lying on
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Nat Shupe 27 Oct 15
If anyone asks, the cost of the is equal to the cost of 2 rounds of golf by Obama.
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Paul Lander 29 Oct 15
The only thing thing missing from to totally waste public funds was a break to vote on defunding ObamaCare.
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Eric Boehlert 28 Oct 15
Ha. remember tonight that Trump and Carson refused to show up for a debate longer than two hours.
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Flora 28 Oct 15
Thank you for calling attention to what the media's ignored
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Pitt Griffin 24 Oct 15
Fox pissed that media reports the news. 'Megyn Kelly Tears Into Media for Deciding Hillary Won '
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Katherine D Edmiston 12 Feb 16
Replying to @DemocratsCare
@BlueVindication I really started respecting as SOS, she worked so hard. She stunned me @ . Now I'm a die-hard fan
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Kimberly Holland 20 Oct 17
Replying to @RepWilson
The R's lived for . Now make them do !
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