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Prof. Steve Hanke 6m
Former aide Alexandre was finally arrested on an illegal use of passport charge. To say that Benalla has had an unusual relationship with the Pres. of the Republic is the understatement of the century. Keep your eye on this affair. Could be a game changer.
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icecreamguru Jan 9
If you are attending the Orange Independent Candidate Selection Forum in this Saturday feel free to book a carpool here: Every car counts, the aim is to select someone that will not forget the environment! Please share
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Saper Verdere, Sapere  aude Jan 17
Netflix : I have a public domain script : imagine the life in the special service of france based on the headllines of the news from july 18 to now. With France, we have a potential for a sky rocketing comedy with all the ingredient for success : 1/2
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DeQuiSeMokeTon-N° 21450 🐦🌶️🛵🎉🌹 Jan 11
Replying to @13ThOrange
Comme ?😏
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Tintin 10h
Replying to @alexisdutreize
! help !
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Abou D'patience Jan 16
Replying to @JeudyBruno
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Nul n'Est une Ile ❄️️ Jan 16
yeah point article 40 atteint !!!!
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Christian Sean Jan 16
Replying to @2moon2seecret
Never a dull day with
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moonbee 21h
Quel sketch ... 🤦‍♀️
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pedro varume Jan 17
A force de se gaver finit en GAV
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Bobophobe Jan 16
Replying to @CCastaner
Comme ?
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Faty 34 ☝ Jan 16
Replying to @LPLdirect
Agent secret 😎
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XØr≢ Jan 16
is a spy.
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Peter Czech Jan 15
love everyone
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Barden Gridge (matricule 28506) Jan 16
It appears that, in addition to the two diplomatic passports, took with him two special "passeports de service" and a government-issue, military-grade, all-French-made (and presumably NSA-proof) encrypted phone.
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Lila Jan 16
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RFI English 6h
French presidential ex-bodyguard could face formal inquiry after arrest for illegal use of official documents
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😂😂😂OUuuuuuuuuuu le #2019
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ʟᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ ᴅᴇ sᴀᴅᴇ™ Jan 17
Replying to @Reuters
a man of questionable morality....macron does have questionable acquaintances...his presidency is tarnished for sure
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LoG Jan 16
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