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Stephan Geissler Apr 16
Replying to @jordan_n @NHLJets
Blues in 6.
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Baylie 1h
It's not but talking about mental health is still important! Watch your loved ones and continue the conversation ❣️❣️
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Bell Let's Talk Apr 17
The Pickering Fire Services and @WoundedWarriorsCA have partnered to provide more services to firefighters and their families. Learn more about this invaluable initiative:
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AMANDA🌻 Apr 17
My favourite part about my job is watching my mental health deteriorate a little every day. lol
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Cash White Apr 18
Replying to @FrancoDang
When she started dirty talking on day
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Ghost Ghostinton Apr 18
Replying to @PerryJean21
He's averaging 15ppg on 31% shooting.
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#WeBeatCalgary Apr 17
Replying to @WilliamShatner
Do you think there's an American company willing to bring a type campaign here?
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Miss Marcia Apr 19
Very sad to hear that we’ve lost another old friend to suicide.sadly he took his life a couple days ago,just had a drink with him at last week:( Let me remind you friends. My ears are always here and my door always open!
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Justin Hobson 4h
Replying to @alexhall11
just a reminder
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🌸 6h
your idol is miley cyrus and you contribute to the movement but then go on twitter to type up something like this. makes sense
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Choices for Youth 10h
Day was three months ago, but the conversation around mental health keeps going. Our Outreach Centre has drop-in hours from 1-3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 3-7pm on Wednesdays. A place to be warm, safe, and yourself ⭐️
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ana Apr 14
when someone uses your mental illness against you, yeet them into the bin where they belong!!
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Reeves Apr 21
You should have hashtagged it
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Marisa Apr 20
Don’t care who you are, if we’ve never talked or aren’t friends please don’t ever be afraid to reach out if you need someone to talk to! I will be here to listen. Talking can be a powerful and magical thing
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Sarah-Jane Speers Apr 16
Mental health the discussion doesnt just end after it's all around us everyday. If you arent ok tell someone, you need help tell someone. Its shows strength not weakness asking for help.
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MK Apr 19
12.3 I definitely feel it is powerful. Many people who cannot afford to donate to causes can contribute by using hashtags and retweeting like the campaign.
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Chandlee Dickey 7h
Interesting study from 2014 comparing with 30 years ago, different rates of particular mental health issues in teens. Now more anxiety and depression. Substance use not included. Sounds like we need more current data.
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🇨🇦Injured420 Apr 21
Lots going to the hospital with BBQ season starting again. 42 out a list that's blank, packing up today's media ER. Best to focus on the opiates making real ER stats.
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Scott Moffatt Apr 20
Replying to @Sonic_counselor
Never said they were my own, dude. Perhaps you are unaware of what day is about.
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Unifor Local 25 Apr 18
Today Bell Canada laid off 76 employees claiming they did not have work yet admitted they could have offered jobs to a contractor - they wholly own - doing Bells work. They also didn't tell Local reps who/what/where, making it impossible to represent ppl affected
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