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jeff 10h
All those hypocrites are the same fuckers who'll make a fuss about being serviced by a mentally distrubed person (in a restaurant for example). Everyone wants to be mollycoddled and only want sympathy towards themselves. Fuck all of you
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the goblin king Sep 22
Replying to @ichbintay
i guess ill just have to wait for day to come back around cause thats the only time anyone gives a fuck l o l
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MGHCA Sep 21
Replying to @coachwick23
After lunch, we had the honor of hearing 's personal story handling Mental Health and how important it is talk about. He is a tremendous mental health advocate! and end the stigma
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Bill Chantzis Sep 17
A lot of patients in this clip. End the stigma.
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Elizabeth Carlos Sep 19
Mental Health PSA by: Cassidy Newman, Danyelle Fleming & Elizabeth Carlos Thank you to all staff and students for your help!
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Matthew Pot Sep 15
Sadly these were active individuals in the industry. Gave me a glimpse of how much work we need to do. There’s perhaps a difference between retweeting, and posting , than how we approach the topic in public. Threw me off.
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Tara 🌷 Sep 17
Don’t I see you all tweeting on Canada’s day to raise money for mental health initiatives? Haven’t I seen you advocate for mental health many times before? And here you are acting like a human being experiencing emotions is some kind of shameful oddity.
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Curl-and-Drag Sep 21
Still not over Babcock I see... everything is going to be OK.
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Denise Fisher Sep 16
Replying to @FittyKV
No, this was just a tweet to keep the conversation going regarding mental health and mental illness. Good luck with your acting adventure keep me posted.
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Choir Nation Sep 22
Royal, Ron, Hawksley, and Don: the fellowship of the sing(ers)...I admittedly have room to improve compared to you all. But could follow the model and be during the last day of with proceeds going to mental health services for men.
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Replying to @CityNews @CP24
The only spousal abuser still loved in is that total loser ex junkie George Smitherman. has that idiot on all the time for free campaigning. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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ukhtifromdabloc 10h
Replying to @localmisk
This is bullying ...
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Cassy Sep 19
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Brett Hammond 12h
A MUST read in my opinion. Not just Sabres fans, or hockey fans or even sports fans. If you’re a person, or you love a person, please take the time!
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🇨🇦Injured420 18h
Lots of slang knowledge & nothing science? If it was a chemical that lasts on your face or armpits it's great for your homeschooling the folks.
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Warren Dean Sep 20
Just watched A great story on life with mental illness. As someone who has struggled with less severe but very similar issues thank you for sharing your story Keep up the good work!
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Bell Let's Talk Sep 18
. talks through the emerging link between food and . Find out more:
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Western Hemlox 10h
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Vanessa Bartolomei✌️ Sep 19
Replying to @StevenPolsinel1
is a great example of a brand using social media in a positive way. Have you see my latest tweets? Farm Credit Canada is doing a similar initiative to help provide Canadians with meals. It is nice to see companies using social media to make a lasting difference.
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Replying to @sinzuvangundi @Bell
Bell is the worst company ever, they ripoff their customers while lobbying the government and courts to promote censorship. They even had our original platform seized without a trial, so it's personal for us! Read more about their scams:
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